Thursday, May 16, 2013


Stress is something I don't handle well. I have learned a new trick in the past couple of months from my manager. " Do what you can!" For me this has been a huge learning curve. I find it very helpful. She has taught me do a bit each day. Now I had heard this before but for some reason it really hit me. I am finding these two things very helpful.

Lately though I feel so tight. That if someone hit me I would break. I felt as though I was holding everything in my body and it didn't feel good. I knew I had to change something. So I have only done two nights of yoga and what a difference. Why do we forget these things that feel so good for us? Twenty five minutes of relaxation and pulling my body into bliss. Yoga -for me -is all about relaxing. I don't need any pressure or expectations. I just want to stretch into relaxation.

I have also started eating better. We have been eating out way too much in my house and I feel it. I am going to go back to some smoothies and juicing for summer. I also want to get into lots of salads for summer. I was telling my friend Maura that I wanted to start trying recipes from Pinterest . I will post them on here if I like them.

My life will be changing for work again. It will get more stressful. I need to get some steps and systems in place to combat stress. This month is all about that. So talk soon and Chow for now.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sunny warm nights

What is it about the sun??? I love it!!!! I am sitting outside drinking wine in the sun after work and iI just thought " this is amazing!! " I love this time of year I can get home at 6:30 and still be able to enjoy at least 3 more hours of sun. It makes me feel grateful and happy. I can hear all the bird singing to each other. A fly sat on my arm. I could smell the just burnt grass smell in the air. Life is so good and tonight I love where I am.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The next FOCUS

  In my last post I was telling you that I am really enjoying Kiana Tom's site. I had remembered her before we went on vacation and I wondered what she was doing since her show Flex Appeal. I was wondering if the show was still produced so I could do some of the workouts. Since I decided to do only workouts I enjoy. What I did find is her website and she is doing "Fitmom" workouts now. They are streamed live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Then can be watched later as well. She has great advise for moms. This is the link to her site.

  This morning I was thinking about my new goal. Last month my focus was on one thing. COFFEE!! I was able to get myself back to tea after 6 years. I love it. I feel better and I don't feel like I am controlled by a beverage

   "The Power of Less" book by Leo Babauta taught me one life changing skill last month. Focus on one thing only.That one thing is your focus and all your energy goes into that. That helped me so much. So this month my one thing...Do Fitmom workouts three times a week. No more than that. If something else happens like a walk great. But the workouts will happen. So I am two in. When I get to twelve I am going to buy myself a new workout shirt. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Working out

So I made a new framed motivation board for my workout space downstairs. I love it. I found some great pictures and stories I've kept throughout the years.

I also am really liking Kiana Tom's website with her fit mom workouts. 30 minutes of intensity workout with some super sets. I love it because it gets my heart rate up, it has my favourite workout -weights and it's ONLY 30 minutes. I can do problem!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Healthy Pleasures??

  We have been back from the wonderful world Disneyland for about a week and a half. It was an amazing family trip. One we will repeat next year with us exploring California alot more. I am going to do a post about Disneyland but for today I wanted to talk about what has been going on in my life.

  So coffee is no longer a part of my life. For a solid month and it is so freeing. I used to think about when my next coffee fix was coming. That is not happening anymore. It feels like such a huge hurdle. I have also given up Facebook. I just wasn't finding a whole lot of positives. So while we were away I didn't post and I didn't look. I find ~for myself ~I am reading more and just finding other things to do. I just spent far to much time on there.

    I have been not feeling that great lately. John and I made a pact when we came back from our trip we would work on getting healthier. I really started thinking about what makes me happy and gives me joy.I wanted the healthy habits to be things that didn't feel like a chore. So I wrote down things I thought were missing and things I wanted to include more in my life.

  This includes more smoothies, weight training, walking with my neighbour and chatting up a storm, hiking,  going to Ancient Forest, getting a new bike, enjoy being outside, yoga, finding more healthy role models and blogging more often.

 I feel like I have to shake things up. I feel like I'm in a negative headspace and I feel so tired. Something needs to change and I am going to do something about it!!

    And NOT buy anymore girl guide cookies from my niece.(LOL) I am wishing everyone a beautiful and HAPPY Spring. I will end with a question." What brings you healthy pleasure and how are you going to make sure it is in your life???"

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 3

No coffee day three. Well the first day was a struggle. I almost went and got one the first day. I had such a headache but I got pissy with myself and told myself to suck it up. I'm on my way.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

No more coffee

So today I am giving up coffee. I have wanted to for awhile but just couldn't commit to it.I am reading a new book that says just focus on one small thing a month. Make that your focus. So that's my focus.I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fork over Knives Event

  So I had my Forks over Knives Event at my house. I invited people who follow the blog so no one would feel annoyed with me for asking. It was alot of fun I played the Forks over Knives DVD and Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue. Everyone brought something plant based. Maura brought a Lentil carrot dip which was so yummy. Trisha made cupcakes that were from "Oh she Glows" blog. I made Guacamole and a refired Layered bean dip that was on the Engine 2 site.Maura has pictures I have to sneak them off her facebook. I also made Chocolate covered Strawberries with vegan chocolate chips and this time with a bit of almond milk. They were delicious.The girls said they were nervous to make something plant based but as usual the came through and everything was wonderful.

What did I love about this day. I was able to share and this journey didn't feel so lonely. We talked health, new ingredients, recipes and those dreaded carbs. I hope the girls took something away from the day. I know I did.

My next day is going to be about cooking and baking without oil. Something I thought would be hard but actually it's just a matter of trying something new. How is my new hobby(Plant based cooking and baking) for this year going? Fantastic!! It helps to have some great resources~ new cookbooks, great blogs and a really good support system at Engine 2 Extra.

The DVD we watched and the Cookbook I gave away.Erin is a lucky girl!!

Maura's Lentil and carrot dip

Trisha's cupcakes. The almond frosting on these was incredible!! I wanted to lick the top of the container for lunch the next day.But there was someone in the lunchroom with me. It would have looked weird.

So I have been trying other things to like Granola bars, Spaghetti and Bean balls and lots of different veggies. My weight continues to go down and I have so much energy. I feel  amazing!!!

Happy Herbivore granola bars. I will have to triple the recipe the boys devoured these.

Hummus, quinoa and veggies on a whole wheat wrap.Super Yummy!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Great and inspiring movie

I just finished watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I had started it before and for whatever reason only seen the first few minutes. What a great movie. I liked Joe but the man he inspires to change his life Phil. What a fabulous story. If you get a chance to see it -watch it. It's wonderful.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Catch up

So I have been following more of a Plant Strong lifestyle for 2 weeks. So cooking with no oil and no cheese. So far so good. The big thing is learning to fry with no oil but it has been easier than I thought. I have lost 5 pounds. This is huge for me because I really struggle with losing and I have been sick, so no workouts. I have been trying new recipes from my cookbooks. Granola Bars, Pineapple Curry (delicious) and I found a great 10 minute brown rice. My favourite is going back to oatmeal in the morning. I feel amazing and know this is the best.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A week of epiphany's

So this is Rip's Lasanga. The only thing it is missing was the gound cashews on top at the point.

Fresh veg- waiting in the fridge.

Brown rice and quinoa

The finished products. I also made a dressing.
  So I promised some pictures of the food and prep work I did the other day. Did it work out? Wonderfully I would say. I have been very sick since the prep day and all this work ahead of time saved me from crap food all week. I made whole wheat wrap with just brown rice, salsa and veggies for lunch. John even made a mac and cheese with butternut squash the other day.

  One epiphany I had this week is I think we have been brain washed to think whole foods are boring and not real foods. Honestly- think about this with me. When I was looking for lunch and I made the wrap, it was so simple. At first though I was thinking about the boxed soups, the frozen foods in my freezer, and a peanut butter sandwich. Then it hit me how about some rice and veggies. Now a few of you may go "So what!". But this had me thinking all week about what I think food is. I think between magazines, food advertising and commercials we have come to think of processed foods as food. When was the last time you thought of fruits or veggie as a snack....honestly!!! I think the food industry has us pegged. We are very busy and they want us to think they are doing us this huge favour. Also that they made it healthy for us. So I challenge you this week. Look at labels..sodium, oil and sugar content. Can you understand the ingredients? Let start putting real food into our mouths and the mouth of our kids. We deserve it!!!

 So epiphany two came this week when I was listening to a recorded interview with Susan who runs the splendid "Fat Free Vegan" blog. While being interviewed she said two things that stuck with me. When you are cooking without oil baking is going to be different. This caused me to go "okay my cookies are never going to look like cookies ever again." It is okay with me. The second thing that really struck a cord was my taste buds have changed so much. People around me may think my cooking is bland. Without the oil and salt this is true. I am hoping that I can change my boys enough that they will begin to taste thing differently too. Because I thought that sounded really lonely. She has been doing this for 8 years and she said alot of friends and family still don't understand it. So I need to get that support group base set up so I have some people around me sharing this journey, even if its just a little. I did come out of the call with that fact that I am okay with the fact that people are not going to get what I am doing. I am doing this so my journey forward is healthier and these veins of mine stay flowing and plaque free. That I can teach my son what real food is and hopefully he takes that with him.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Prep Day

Well today I got tons done on what I am calling "prep day".I put my huge headphones on much to my husbands amusement. I listened to two one hour long interviews. So I was plant inspired well I was chopping veggies. Lots of veggies.
So what did I do? Rip's lasagna, quinoa and brown rice for the week, salad dressing, veggies cut and muffins.
I will post pictures this week. The boys said the lasagna was good. Josh didn't care for the sweet potatoes but I will keep trying. The plant based muffins.. Well they were for the week but the boys loved them so they will be gone tomorrow. But that is great.
Also I'm trying Slow Cooker apple Oatmeal. So for my early shift in the morning breakfast is done.
Because of all the research I have been doing I was looking for oil content in my foods. Seriously oil is in everything.check it out it is unreal!!! Everything!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Prep for Plant Strong 2013

So I've spent a couple of days prepping my kitchen. My fridge is clean. The freezer is tonight. My menu plan is ready.Four new recipes, all the ingredients on my shopping list. Tomorrow is shopping and then prep day. Quinoa, brown rice and muffins I will make ahead. My Rip's lasagna is going to get made. My fruit and veggies are going to get done ahead. I will post some pictures and how it went.

I want to let you know how very helpful and amazing Engine2Extra is. Please check it out. I got a New Years Ebook today. 80 pages it is so awesome!!!

Anyways Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading!!!! Stay tuned for
More Plant Strong adVEGtures!!!!!

PS... The jar is for all the wonderful things I want to remember in 2013. How great is that idea.