Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm not too busy???

Salt and pepper Tofu
    So my goal for the next few months is to try some different recipes and start sharing. I have not been overly adventurous lately. I was going to say" I am too busy." But you know what ~I am tired of that excuse. I am tired of hearing myself say it!!! So no more. I am going to get my butt in gear. I am not waiting for the new year to start new goals. This starts now. I am going to have more posts on my blog and share my discoveries.

  This months Yoga Journal has 2 fabulous articles. One on a New Years ritual that I want to try this year. The second is making an altar for meditation in your house.Now this can mean different things to different people. It just has to be things that give you good energy and inspire you. These two articles inspired me so much. I would highly recommend that you pick up this issue to read.

 The picture above is from the night I made Salt and Pepper Tofu from Healthy Happy Life Blog. I have tried many of Kathy's recipes. Her pictures are so wonderful and the food is always easy to make.John didn't like them but I have been doing this for a while so I thought it was different and I would make them again.They worked really well in my salad the next day.

   I have been thinking about the holidays ahead. I want to do Christmas baking. This year they are going to be plant powered. I want some great dishes for Christmas dinner. I need some great ideas for appy's for those impromptu nights when all the sudden I'm going out. I also want some of my favorite wines on hand like this new one my friend introduced me too.Amazing!!

So what are your healthy plans this Christmas? Just pick one and let's do it together.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time to clean

So today I did a cupboard purge.It had been far too long. I was laughing at some of the expiry dates on things.John and I also wanted to get the corn syrup, the preservatives and colours in foods out of the house. We needed to do this for Josh. Their young little bodies have enough to do without processing all that garbage. So three garbage bags later and my cupboards look darn good.
I have my Christmas present coming.I ordered a whole bunch of fun things from The Forks over Knives website. The Extended interviews, The Engine 2 Diet Kitchen Helper, 3 Happy Herbavior Cookbooks and a T-shirt. I can't wait.I'm thinking about doing a Forks over Knives party with friends I think that would be fun.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Every little bit counts

I am trying to get into the frame of mind that every little bit counts. Just get that work out in. 20 minutes, 10 minutes or even commercials. Consistency is key.Do what I enjoy!!!