Thursday, June 14, 2012


     So this post is going to be about change. I myself am not a big changer. I do like things to remain the same but sometimes life wants you to change.I am for the first time in 14 years going to be changing my job. Let me tell you this was a really tough decision. I love the girls I work with and I am really comfortable where I am. But I need to push myself and Josh is at an age where I can give more to work. I am going to a magical place... the book store. I am excited but the stress of making this change has really held me back the past few weeks. I hate change and it makes me almost stop in time.This caused me to question myself. How can I handle stress better? How can I push myself from my comfort zone? How can I discover more about myself if I don't try something new?

So that lead me to thinking about me not pushing myself physically for a long time.I have never thought of myself as an athlete. I have never thought that I was a very physical person.If I could talk to myself when I was little.. oh the things I would tell myself.

     I want that to change. A friend of mine was talking this weekend about her starting to run in her late 40's and how she loves it.She loves the feeling and never thought she would.I put my summer goals on here the other day and I thought that would be enough. Today I put myself through the paces to discover where I am so I can push myself this summer. It lead me to take those embarrassing before pictures so I can see where I am. When I check I know that I am changing.This takes alot of faith in myself to put these up but I want to change and by putting these up I am making a commitment to see this through.

So the stats are PULL UPS- not one! lol. I can hang there but my upper body is not pulling me up anywhere. That is okay because I need to start somewhere.

FULL PUSH UPS- set 1 and 2 ~ 6 and set 3 ~4

RUNNING a MILE- 16:34  not fast at all but considering a month ago I couldn't run ~not bad.

Weight -180 like I said I need to lose 40 pounds.

     I need to get more inspired with my food. I have not been making any recipes and my sugar consumption has gone up. My stomach has been really upset I have eating a bit more dairy and I know that this is the cause.My challenge is doing this plant based. I have weight trained in the past and done well with high protein . I KNOW this is doable I have tons of blogs for inspiration and my Oxygen mags. 

  My husband is my other inspiration. He looks incredible and he is so focused I will look to him for that push as well. He is always my biggest fan and we do well when we work on things together.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Intentions

So this is my 100th post and I thought I would add my intentions to some of the amazing images I found on Pinterest. This first one is all about respecting all that this marvelous body does for me. Through food, working out, reducing stress, getting more spiritual and making sure I get some time with my friends and family.

Pull ups I am going to do 3 by the end of this summer. Seeing as I can't really do one this seems like a great fitness goal.

I LOVE weight training- my goal is 5 times a week.

Right now since I have not been running at all I am going to say I want to run a 12 minute mile. I am really slow so I am not sure how fast I am going to get there but I needed a time to shoot for.

Ahh push ups - 3 sets of 12. Not on knees full out

Perfecting the headstand. Practice, practice and more practice.

Remembering that it's the little steps and to be proud.

Keep going every SINGLE DAY!!! Have faith in myself.

Listen more. God and I talk alot lately and I have to slow down and listen.


John and I having some time together with each other.
  Organize and Organize some more. Planning is everything.