Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Broccoli goodness

Yummy spices!!

Gorgeous green goodness!!

 So made the Broccoli " Cheddar" Soup from Tosca's The Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook. It's on page 96. I loved it and it was remarkably easy to make. It got a "good" from both boys and an extra thumbs up from Josh. John said it was really filling. The big bonus I get it for lunch today.

   So how did Tosca take this classic and make it "Cheesy" 1/4 of a cup of nutritional yeast. I have had a bag in the cupboard for a while. It was a product I knew was great, but I was terrified of. So this was the perfect time to try it.So why should we include this product in out diet. I did some research and was blown away.

  It's nutty, cheese like flavor is LOADED with minerals and vitamins.It's a source of 18 amino acids, folic acid, biotin, iron, magnesium, phorphorus, zinc and chromium. If your vegan it is one of the only ways to get your B12 in a food.It contains 14 grams of protein and only 79 calories.It's low sodium.It is free of the notorious candida yeast.

  A couple of other interesting things i found:
    It maintains ideal intestinal ecology
    It improves blood production
    It helps maintain optimum cholesterol levels
    It improves liver health and function.

 Doesn't that just blow you away! Go pick up a bag and give it a try. Make sure it's Nutritional yeast NOT Brewers yeast. I made this mistake in the beginning at the health food store when I was to embarrassed to ask."Silly me" as josh would say!!

  I got my information from Livestrong.com and Buzzle.com if you want to check it out yourself. Enjoy!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Notice the moments

   This past year I have been trying to stay in the moment. The little ones, the ones that go by and we don't stay in that moment because it seems little. In our culture I find it's all about the big moments. The trips, the products and the events. I found I focused on those so much that I was missing the moments happening right now!! So I have been taking the time. ..enjoying the sun on my face during a walk, the funny things Josh says or impromptu dinners. These little thing give us those feel good endorphins. Notice those moments.. your life will be better, your body will feel better and it's good for our health.Let stop staying more and start saying I enjoy what I have!!!

  When you read this take the time TODAY to notice three great things about your life...what makes you laugh, what do you LOVE, what gives you pleasure.Lets start noticing the small moments and we will feel better for it!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Look what came!!!

  Look what came my Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook. I was so excited!!! John picked me up from work and the package was on the seat. I was so pumped. It's so gorgeous!!! The photos are beautiful... I love a cookbook with photos. This book is for everyone adding just a vegetarian meal or Vegan's. She includes fish and eggs, but all the recipes can be modified.

  From Tosca's introduction "Not all protein needs to come from animals.In fact, it's more healthful, beneficial and wallet friendly to limit your intake of meat and stick to a mainly plant based diet."

  I have already picked some of my meals to try. I can't wait to share. I am so excited to try to make the "Yogurt Cheese" with soy or coconut yogurt. I'll be honest~ I just have to pick some recipes. I want to try them all Smoothie on the Beach, Delightful Strawberry,Spinach and Broccoli Salad with Macadamia nuts and Greek Tempeh Stuffed peppers these are where I am going to start.

  If you are thinking about trying to eat more Vegetarian meals pick up this lovely book. You won't be disappointed.With well over 250 recipes and even some help with the holidays it is worth adding to my growing library.

  Thank You Tosca and the EatClean team for choosing me. I am honored to share tosca's new book!!!

  So this week I kicked it into high gear. Walking every day (some days I am going to try to go twice a day) and the weight training for the upper body until my hip is better.Back to tracking points and watching what I eat. I am switching to Stevia in my coffee. I am continuing my stretches and I am going to tweak my motivation board. I am going for a minimum of three new recipes a week. Moving forward!!! Do you have a motivation board? If so what's on yours?


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Roasted Tomato Soup

Gorgeous little beauties all ready for roasting!!

Dinner is ready~ yummy!!!
  My mom and I got to spend Saturday morning together on the weekend. It was just lovely!! We decided to get up early and go to the Farmers market. We bought some lovely veggies, I bought myself a jar of local honey, and a loaf of stone ground olive focaccia from Red Rooster Bakery. I was inspired by the bread to make Roasted Tomato Soup. So I searched for a recipe and found the right one on Healthy Happy Life. This soup is amazing the boys loved it. This is a keeper and so easy!!!! The link will take you right to the recipe and you must see Kathy's pictures they are beautiful. Try this one you will love it!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter goodness

So I finally decided to try a non dairy yogurt. I missed yogurt:( So I tried So Delicios Coconut Milk.So yummy!! The only thing is it is a small container and the price. That is the thing with plant based products they can be pricey.

So my new yogurt, strawberries and yummy hemp seeds.

So this was one of my Easter dishes at my parents house.  I made Mongolian BBQ Seitan from Chloe's Kitchen Cookbook. ( I couldn't find seitan in the grocery store so I bought a chicken replacement. I thought the flavors were great.I thought from the picture in the cookbook it would be a bit more saucy. But I would make this again.

This recipe was from a Vegetarian special called Quick & Healthy 30 minute meals.This was the Rice Noodle bowl with Broccoli and Bell Pepper. I really liked this one. I would do different noodles next time.These were the one I had in the house.

This was Easter breakfast and it was perfect. Josh loves these muffins and I make them all the time. I make them with Vegan chocolate chips too for his friends. They will go through 10 in one sitting.These are the Blueberry Streusel Muffins from Peas and Thank You cookbook.So my muffins, my yogurt and coffee. PERFECT!!

 This was my second Easter eating Plant based and it was less scary this time.I love Easter it is more laid back and the perfect opportunity to catch up with family.This is Josh's FAVORITE holiday. The egg hunt are the bomb.I could hide his Christmas gifts .... he would love it. Maybe next year.lol

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Travelling Tuesday

   So every Tuesday I am going to link to blogs which had posts that I loved that week or something that I just HAD to share. So I'm calling it Travelling Tuesday. Let's travel the web together.

  John asked me this week "what is the difference between fresh lemon juice vs Plastic bottle lemon juice."I'll be honest I panicked. I really had no idea.I couldn't even pull one thing out of my head. Speechless!! This does not happen often. Then low and behold I go to Joyous health and look what she has~ the answer.Yipee!!

   My friend Erin gave me a fabulous free website called Pepperplate! You must check this out. If you are on blogs as much as I am and can't remember where you seen that recipe...this is the place for you!!! You can import and edit recipes.Add your own. Plan meals!! Create shopping list and monitor cooking times. And     you can get the FREE app.LOVE IT!!

  I always love peeking in other Vegan pantries.I am a pantry stalker ..I think I'm really just jealous because I don't have one.So sad!! Okay~ moving on...at Oh she glows she gives a great list and she just has such  beautiful pictures..sigh..so pretty. It's a great post.

  At Healthy Happy Life Kathy has a recipe I want to try when I buy Chia seeds this week. Wild Blueberry Chia Oatmeal. The picture for this made me want to lick the screen.She also had the most colorful easter smoothie, Josh would love it because it looks so beautiful.

   The gorgeous Spork Sisters have there new class available this month.7.95 for a month. The price of a magazine and you can watch them make Vegan meals. The hardest part of making changes is knowing how to cook some of these strange new ingredients.These girls make it easy and fun!! This month it's crispy spinach lentil cakes,savory sun-dried tomato waffles, spicy bakes cauliflower, and peanut butter brandy pound cake.Outstanding!! Now~ I just have to make them myself. You do keep the episodes and can go back to view the others.And the sisters are just so cute!!

  The last one was a post I couldn't help but love and laugh at.My running story:Why I refuse to run and you can't make me. It was a blast!! Read this post at Peas and Thank you. It was fun!!

Tough Love Bob
     On a sad note.My post at The Eat Clean blog has been postponed. I had read this weekend that my favorite magazine publisher Robert Kennedy is dying of terminal lung cancer. I was shocked and deeply saddened for this amazing man who I think of as "Tough Love Bob" because of his honest editors page in Oxygen magazine.I have laughed so much at his mans words in a" womans magazine" because he ruffled so many feathers. But the thing is he just writes from the heart. He was and is concerned for the health of women.He also hates excuses and he would always write " just get off the couch".I think the fitness industry will feel a huge loss. I know I will. I feel a great sadness for someone I never met but feel a great respect for. I will put him and his amazing family in my prayers and I hope you could do the same.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meet 50!

    So in this post I want to introduce you to a woman who has inspired me.Now her journey began at 40...yep 40.The picture you see below on the left hand side is Tosca before.The picture on the right is Tosca now...ladies take note she is now in her 50's !! I wanted to write this post so maybe you will check her out. I am doing a guest post on her blog May 14th.This post is personal and not connected to that post. I want you guys to know about this women because she is inspiring and I think that by knowing her story you might feel inspired to Eat Clean and lift some weights.

  So Tosca was unhappy, overweight and miserable.She wanted to make her life better so she entered...the gym. Now I know from reading her story she began running on the treadmill. Then when she introduced weights she found her body changing.She wanted to share the information she had learned and began the "Raise the Bar" column in Oxygen magazine.I loved her from the moment I read her first column. I still collect her columns in my binder.What I love about the column is Tosca continues to share struggles and challenges.She rants... some of my favorites. She also is passionate about making changes for women, kids and getting people to eat better. I think the columns I have really loved through the years is when she has been critiqued and  people have said negative things about her and she has handled it with grace. She stayed positive, stated the facts and didn't let it bring her down.Classy!!

   Tosca's journey led her into the Eat Clean Diet series.  They all have fantastic information.My favorite is Your Best Body Now. This one speaks to me as I am in my forties and has the information going into your fifties.

     I was reading Oxygen magazine and I was so excited to see that she was bringing out the new Vegetarian Cookbook. I seen last month on her blog she was looking for guest bloggers and you would get the cookbook early~ for free!!!!! I thought I am going to take a chance.Well to my shock I was picked .I had my moments of self doubt...my mind saying "your not good enough". Then I pulled back and thought I am going to enjoy the moment and damn Tosca's sending ME a cookbook. I can't wait to share what I think and share the new book with all of you.

   So I have decided to let Tosca be my inspiration to remove these pesky thirty pounds .I am going to  really clean up my diet this year. Eat smaller meals more often and really watch my beverages.

      I have more appointments for my hip flexor injury this week. My xrays came back great but hearing that this type of injury can plague me for years is kind of overwhelming. I am meeting a new physiotherapist this week and she sounds really great. We are going to work on things I can do. Hopefully work on things I want to do this summer.Like WALK...lol. I know there are things I could be doing. Yoga keep me flexible. More weight training for the upper body.
I love this photo look at those arms.

     There are a few ways Tosca can inspire your journey.  If you want to check Tosca out, I have The Eat Clean Badge on the right of this post. Click it and it will take you to the Eat Clean Diet website.

    The Oxygen magazine...I know the women can be intimidating on the front but it has great articles on eating, working out (at home and the gym)  Tosca's column and one of my favorite sections the success stories.

    Check out her books and cookbooks she had one for the family, men and workouts.

    I was not asked to do this post in order to do the guest post. As you know I like to share things I LOVE and Tosca is a women I think you should get to know. It is important to have wonderful role models who only get better with age. And Tosca is defying age!!!!

    I thought I would include Tosca doing her 7 Citrus Salad from the cookbook. All this month they are doing videos from the cookbook. She has other videos to check out too. So I will post here when my guest post goes up. Until then check out Tosca and her Eat Clean Diet website. The Kitchen table has some amazing recipes and real people sharing their results. Check her out for some great advise and inspiration.ENJOY!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Gorgeous strawberries!!
I know it's blurry. But little hands helping makes it more fun!!
The finished product

    So I made these Chocolate covered Strawberries for my girls night.It was my first try with vegan chocolate chips. I used a brand found at Save on More that I really liked~ Enjoy Life.If anyone in BC has suggestions of other brands that would be great.These are fabulous though.

     The recipe came from healthy.happy.life blog .Kathy has the most amazing website with gorgeous photos and excellent recipes for families.Check it out!! These strawberries were so amazing. I LOVED the coconut like Kathy suggested. The only change I made was the oil, I used coconut oil and I melted the chocolate in the microwave. Try these for a" good for your body "dessert.( Just remember~ only a few!...I kept telling myself that) Like I said YUMMY!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Josh and I made Chocolate covered Strawberries with vegan chocolate chips.I am going to do a post this week about them.
This is the Edamame Hummus. My friend Maura said her source was Skinnytaste blog.This was so yummy!!
My friend Gabi made this raw "cheesecake" made with macadamia nuts and orange. It was so very delicious.
   So last night I had some of my girlfriends over. We ordered East Indian food (Dana Mandi in Prince George) This was the second time eating the food from Dana Mandi.It was so amazing and all vegetarian.I have to order more often. We enjoyed each others company and went all candles for earth hour. We laughed at Josh's prompts to make sure this happened at 8:30. This was a much needed visit. Our lives get so busy that we don't get to see each other as much as we want or need to.

   It is funny how life has a way of bringing things into our lives when we open ourselves up.And I don't mean things...I mean inspiration,quotes, peoples stories and books.I had a wonderful evening last night and this morning heard a quote from Oprah "We are at different stages on the same journey." This struck me as the best way to describe last night.One friend is a long time vegetarian, another is vegan, another is implementing aspects of vegetarianism and one has been doing a raw diet for two years.Now we are all very different and the journey we take is very personal.It is fun to talk to my friends and learn something new and then try it in my life.

   Now when we get together we talk ideas and learn from each other. For me sometimes it can be one thing or several. Marci introduced us to TED speaker Brene Brown.I had never heard of her but I loved what this women had to say. Gabi brought my first raw "cheesecake" to enjoy. Maura brought a new recipe` Edamame hummus and it was so good. Every person took the time to do or share something special...food, a wonderful card(Anita) and sharing inspiration. That is what friendship should be~ inspiring each other to be ourselves and making us feel good about who we are.We spend so much time trying to be what we think others want us to be and what marketers would love us to be. We should just be happy with who we are because REALLY we can't be anyone else.So when you're with your friends admire who they are and tell them you love them.  Be thankful for these friendships.In today's world of negative let's give back the positive.