Friday, March 30, 2012

Coming soon

Coming this April ... I get to do a guest post on Tosca Reno's Eat clean blog. They are sending her new Vegetarian Cookbook to me!!! I am so excited and I can't wait to share this cookbook with everyone.

I will do a post this week to let you know why this woman has been such an inspiration in my life. I'll keep you posted on the date that I will guest blog.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

May I recommend

  May I recommend- Humm spinach and Artichoke Hummus.This stuff is so good!!! I have been making big plates of veggies and that's lunch or dinner.
My veggie plate with a glass of Perrier Grapefruit Water. It's a great substitute for wine.....thanks Maura!!!
This is my Tempeh bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.I'll be honest Tempeh scared me silly!! It went bad in my fridge...twice.It has taken me a year to try it. So I seen the bacon style at Mother Maria's market on shopping day. I got brave tonight and hot darn I could see myself making this whenever I need bacon.It really surprised me!!

Earth Balance Coconut spread.This I have been waiting for in Canada. I love their products!! I was at Mother Maria's market and I needed more butter sticks and what was waiting for me.My spread!! I have been using it so far as a replacement for frying.You can use it in baking...really anywhere you use butter.

I am sharing these few products because it's nice to know when someone else has used and liked something before. Enjoy!!

Hungry for Change

  I am going to suggest to anyone who reads this post in the next 9 days GO TO Hungry for Change . Watch the FREE movie they have there it is amazing, enlightening and wonderfully made. It will make so much sense. Take the time it will change the way you see food!!!! Take the time for yourself and pass it on to your family.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

some of my new favorite things

  So I haven't done a post about some of my favorite things in a while.I think it is time to share some of my current new faves.

  Hemp Hearts....wowzers.These little babies are amazing.Thanks Erin ( okay most probably my mom told me about these a years ago.She is always ahead of the health foods) So what is to love about these little jems.Well let me tell you...they are a super food.They help with weight loss, increased energy, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced inflammation, improved circulation and immune system. It totally fills you up so your not as hungry.This benefit took a couple of days for me to notice. It is 35% protein so that is an extra benefit.An excellent source of Omega 3 and 6.And they are tasty little suckers.I was able to get quite a large bag at Costco for under 10.00.I have been adding them to our shakes and salads.I also mixed them into Josh's peanut better the other day.Tricky mom.... he never noticed.

  Gaiam TV.. for a monthly fee I downloaded this wonderful app onto my ipad.Love it! I can take it anywhere and watch inspiring movies, documentaries, do yoga and fitness and learn about the environment. It is fantastic.From all of my yoga favorites, to Jillian, to The Firm.I can learn Tai Chi or meditation.I can look up and choose whatever my body is feeling like that day.I LOVE this app.

   I love soup right now. I have been making them for suppers and for my lunch. I made a huge batch and ate it for lunch for the week.Super easy and tasty. There are so many great recipes on the Internet, magazines and cookbooks.They are endless.

  I have to share a recipe from Gillian Mckeith's Eat Yourself Sexy.She recommend these to a women who was having bad sugar cravings at night and trouble sleeping so she suggested one of these before she went to bed.They are yummy and super nutritious.

   1/2 a cup pumpkin seeds,soaked and rinsed
   1/2 a cup sunflower seeds,soaked and rinsed
   1/2 a cup of sesame seeds, soaked and rinsed
   2 sticks of celery, finely diced
   1 tsp of mixed dried herbs
   4 tsp lemon juice or water
   1 tsp of miso paste
( freshly chopped parsley or coriander...for rolling balls in after.I didn't do this step.maybe next time.)

Grind seeds in food processor or nut mill.I did it in my handy Magic Bullet, I still love that thing. Add celery, dried herbs,water or lemon juice and miso and blend until the mixture holds together.

 So why soak your seeds? I looked this up.It removes phytic acid (you want to remove or reduce this acid because it can block mineral absorption in the intestinal track.) To encourage the production of beneficial enzymes.To increase the amounts of vitamins, especially B vitamins.


They are mini marvels.They are filled with nutrients that help protect against certain cancers,arthritis and ever heart disease.

  Pumpkin...offering protein, magnesium and zinc.
  Sesame...they contain more cholesterol lowering phytosterols than any seed or nut.they have iron, copper, selenium and magnesium.
  Chia...Omega 3's, calcium and ounce contains 43% of your daily fiber.
  Flax..they offer the trifecta of cardio fatty acids,fiber and lignans
  Sunflower...1/4 of a cup..82% of vitamin E and 34% of the selenium in a day.20% of your folate.

Just a few of MY favorite new things. I hope you give them a try.