Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dream Big and love yourself

 So I purchased a book recently,  Full-Filled by Renee Stephens.I didn't want another cookbook or fitness book. I have bought them all.I need to change the way I think. This book is amazing.It is a 6 week program to change your relationship with food from the inside out.I have been taking my time with this book. This one I am doing the chapters and then doing the journal work. Renee's first chapter was to set up your support system.That was super easy. A couple of girlfriends and I have alot of the same body issues that just never seem to go away.I am into week three and without a doubt this book is changing my life.It is making me see things in a much better light.I am seeing myself and loving myself for the first time.

  I thought I would take some time and write a few of the game changers for me.

 From Renee's podcast you can get for free.She said something that stuck.( this is not the words exactly but how I remember them) " If you don't love yourself now, you are never going to love yourself at the weight you think you should be." Now I have experience with this because I have been at my goal weight, but the kicker is I was never happy. I always wanted more. So now I thank my body for all it has done for me and love it.Now believe me this is not easy!!!! Years of looking at myself at always wanting my body to be perfect and saying I love it is hard. But, I catch myself and think of the great and wonderful things this body has done for me.

 You must acknowledge and appreciate the small positive changes you are making.People who struggle often berate themselves so they rarely notice the small and new positive behaviors ( this is so me). If you don't celebrate you run the risk of "success amnesia". Notice those small changes and celebrate.They can slip from awareness before you have time to reinforce them.So notice and appreciate and it will bring more positive changes.I loved this!!!

 Identify your moving towards motivation.I am moving towards being a healthier version of myself. I am moving towards some rocking arms.I am moving towards doing a handstand.I have alot.Try it yourself.

 Dream big about the future.I had learned that I stopped believing I could do some of the things I was dreaming about.It shocked me.

Chapter three my big AHA moment

                                                "FAILURE IS JUST FEEDBACK"

We must make mistakes to learn what to change in the future.In the past I would get stuck in the same cycle.I would think a screw up was me never being able to change.Then get suck doing the same self loathing things I did before.NO MORE.... now I ask myself.Why did this happen?How can I change it? How can I be forgiving and kind to myself and learn from these slip ups and mistakes.Perfection makes progress impossible because it makes you feel like a failure.So now I know I am going to mess up. Bring it on!!! I can learn, adapt and move forward.

   This book has made me see that I am supposed to make mistakes and learn from them. Take it and move towards what I am working on for my health.Positive belief in myself through my thoughts, actions and words will only help me move towards success in achieving my dreams. I am only half way through this book and feel like this was my destiny to find it.Thank you Renee for writing a wonderful book.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

5 minute Yoga?

  As you know I love Tara she is down to earth and believes everyone can do yoga.She has new videos on YouTube from Livestrong you can subscribe to.They are free and she is taking peoples questions and answering with the videos .This last one is 5 minute workout.When you just don't think you have the time, here you go.

 This come along at the perfect time.I don't have time to do a cardio,weight training and yoga session everyday. But, I do have time for pieces.Recently I was reading an article at the doctors office about exercise and it struck a cord with me."Don't expect yourself to be perfect. Do what you have time for and be happy with that." It's not in my nature to think that bits and pieces will be enough.I have decided that I just want to be fit and a fit person "MOVES".So yesterday I got in an upper body workout and later that night I got a walk in with a friend.And what was supposed to be 15 minutes ended up being 30 minutes in the fresh air talking with my best friend.Now that's healthy. So just fit in movement and enjoy what your doing!!!!

  This one is for my friend.Easy and wonderful.Love ya!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1 Year veg Anniversary

  1 whole year today.On Valentines Day.I have ate no meat, chicken and fish. I have done it with very little eggs and dairy.Holy Moly!!!!

  I still don't miss it.I feel good. I have had some stressful months. Stress and I don't deal with each other very well.Lots of sugar and moody with that consumption.( I have a better multi for that now...mom always used to say " did you take your B's".lol)

 I had my physical today.Blood sugars are great.Cholesterol is very good.(Actually better than average the doctor told me) B 12 just where it supposed to be.

 I have to take that info and move forward.I am still learning on this journey.The foods to eat. Deal with stress better.Keep an eye on the blood pressure.But I am so proud of myself and I am going to take the time to say good job Tanya.

 Moving toward...I am moving toward a new year of learning about and cooking more clean, moving more (my hip is so fabulous), weight training and learning to get my mind in a better place for weight loss with a group of great girls. I will make more changes this year ..this last year should prove I can do anything.Now just believe that and move toward. I plan to get on here more often.I needed a break but it's time to focus, learn a little more and share. Thanks for sharing this journey with me this year and lets hope we all learn to be a little healthier every year.