Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The plan

    I love The Biggest Loser. I am a huge fan of Bob Harper, Jillian Michael's is always going to be one of my favorites, even thought she is not on the show anymore.I must say thought Dolvett is not hard to watch.I love the way he trains and that smile.Yummy!!!

    Anyhow.....this season on the show it's focus is no excuses. I am loving this theme.It hit me at the right time.I always have lots of excuses but, strangely I find the time to watch TV everyday. So I came up with my day at a time.What can I do with this one day?How can I eat great and get my exercise in just for today?

   I also need a better goal.Removing (cause it's not coming back.I am not losing it find it again.I read that the other day.Loved it!! ) 30 pounds is "not good enough" as Jillian said back on the show in 2009.A contestant said she wanted to health and skinny and Jillian said "that's not good enough because when it gets hard it has to be something you can say it's worth all the hard work." So what is the hard work for ...I really need a better goal. So I am going to think about it.

   Right now my hip feels good. I am going to walk every day and I will increase the speed.Right now it's pretty slow. Squats everyday 25 + 3, upright push ups 20+ 3. The core program at least 4 times a week.I must get my core stronger to strengthen my spine and stretch the hips.I am going to have to switch to a yoga program at night.Currently the walking and core takes me about an hour.I might have to adjust this as I go along.I will see what works.

  My food is continue ( get back )  tracking on Weight Watchers.Increase my veggies. I also want an inverted pyramid....I learned this in a recent book. Most of my calories before 3 in the afternoon. I am also doing Vegetarian Times portion control challenge starting on the 15th.It's free so why not.

  Increase my water.Why is this such a challenge for me???? Interesting fact though...muscle dehydration of just 3% leads to a 10% reduction in the strength to contract and an 8% reduction of speed.And it lubricates those joints.I need to drink that water.

  Do you have a great goal?? What's your plan??

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ahh... back to yoga

  So the past 3 week... I have not done any yoga.I had been doing it at least once a day. Boy could I feel it. I couldn't get any movement from my shoulders, they were drawn together and tense.My jaw feels so tight.I felt like my body was just keeping all that tension in my muscles.So after I dropped on Josh today I got back in.

  Wonderful!!! That's how I feel. I had to post this right away.Yoga DVDs are fantastic and you can get some great beginners DVDs.My favorite personally is Rodney Yee.I like the prompts and his voice.His wife Colleen Saidman is the evening instruction and I like her too.The beautiful Tara Stiles(pictured above) from You tube is also a favorite because she believes anyone can do yoga. I like her humour as well. I had to add the recent video she did with Ryan Reynolds...cause I LOVE him.

 I will remember the feeling this morning. With my window open, the water dripping from the melting snow  and the birds tweeting outside.The slightly cool breeze that comes in with fresh, crisp air.The down time at the end when I feel like jello.And just the feeling that I'm back and this feels really good.So Namaste!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 bring it on

                                    So my health goals for 2012... they are quite simple

                                                              I will remove 30 pounds
Drinking more water
Eating more fruits and veggies
Tracking my points on Weight Watchers

Enjoying some fresh air
Become a women who "ponders" less and balances this with action
"BYOF" bring my own food.That's what my adorable food cooler John bought me last year is for.
I will never be perfect.But I will do my best.
Walk everywhere
Get my support system. My peeps.
Use my journal.My sister was the one who made me go get a new one.Thanks JJ!
Increase my fiber

                                         I will strengthen my core and hip flexor
This will be my focus because when we go on our big trip this year I want to try new things and walk lots.
I want to explore.
I need to focus on little steps to make it better.
I will go on some hikes this spring and summer

                                                   Pay attention to to the everyday
Consistency will make all the difference
It's the small details done everyday that will help make the overall changes.
Yoga helps me focus and relax. 15 minutes a day.
Taste and savor.
When I'm stressed pay special to the food I give my body.Eat high quality/Low stress foods.
I can eat what I want just eat appropriately

                                 Put all the cookbooks and magazines I have to good use

                  I will have to focus on the everyday moments and not let stress side track me.

Monday, January 2, 2012

What 2011 taught me

  For those of you following my blog, you know I love my goals. They work for me. I like starting out fresh for the New Year and setting some achievable and some stretch goals. In 2011 I learned alot about myself. I can push myself and I can achieve the goals I set out to get.In one months time I hit my one year anniversary of no meat,chicken or fish.( I think I am going to treat myself to a massage)This year I am going further.I am going to get healthier and lose some sugar and start controlling my fat intake.
So what did 2011 teach me:

   *That I limited my food experiences.I really never stretched myself until this past year.I tried new veggies, new cultures for inspiration and new food products.So I will stretch myself this next year.Try new recipes...some will work and some won't.That doesn't matter "Just do it."

  * That veggie are very tasty.They can be the focus of my plate.

  * Food Inc taught me the factory farming industry is a scary thing.It is also in Canada.Our food isn't coming from cute little farms anymore.It's a money making machine.

  *Forks over Knives taught me that a plant based diet is the way to go for health.It is the future.

  *Gardein makes amazing meat substitutes.

  *Earth balance is better than butter.

  *I Am is a wonderful documentary and the heart is the center of it all.

  *That I can cook and bake some pretty amazing things.

  *Soups are quite fabulous.

  *Their are alot of inspiring people who want change the world in a positive way.The Spork sisters, Alicia Silverstone, Kathy Freston, Kris Carr, Colleen Patrick Goudreau, Olivia and Hanah from the Biggest Loser and the blog world. I love reading about real people changing their lives in a positive way.

  *Cooking healthy doesn't take longer.

  * Stress is going to be my biggest battle in 2012.I must learn that food is not a helper in stress.

  *That I love the Magic Bullet.

  *I made it through Christmas with no meat,chicken or fish.I did it!!

  * That John and Josh are alot more flexible about what they eat than I thought.

 Tomorrow I am going to talk about what I want from 2012.What am I going to ask for and how am I going to get there.So Happy 2012 everyone and lets make this a healthy and happy year.