Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013 bring it on.

  For those that don't know me... I love the excitement and promise of a New Year. I love to make goals and intentions. It is something that makes the snow and the long winter months ahead that much more bearable.

    Last year I shared my goals and I would say 80% were done or followed through. So where did I go right...I made a huge breakthrough with my awesome physiotherapist this year. She is amazing!! My hip is back in action and I even danced on Christmas Day this was impossible last year. I consumed more fruits and veggies this year than ever before. I had a guest blog spot on one of my fitness heroes ~Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Blog. I was so honoured and beyond excited. I tried cross Country skiing. I went camping and did it veg style. I did some hiking this summer. I am learning to "do what I can".

  Overall I can say that 2012 was a year of  laughter, love, family and friends. I had heartbreak, breakdowns and moments of "WTF" but I am learning what to do in those moments. Those moments also brought me things I didn't know I had in me. I am STRONGER, I can deal with things myself, I ask for more and I think I love myself more this year than any other year.

  So 2013: Plant Strong, Travel, Core, Serenity

 This year is going to be Plant Strong. I am following the lifestyle that is the most disease resistant of all.  I have the tools~ the books, the recipes and support systems (friends, family and Engine 2 Extra website.) I am listening to the podcast of some of the most amazing doctors and plant friendly people on the planet...Dr Barnard, Dr Esselstyn, Dr Campbell, Dr Mcdougall, Dr Lisle (love him he makes me laugh) Rip Esselstyn and Lindsay Nixon. I am finding ways to make these lifestyle choices more my own.

  I am having a Forks over Knives Event at my house and I am going to share what this Plant Strong Lifestyle can do for others. From this I hope to make my own community of  Positive Plant Strong peeps. So Stay tuned.

 Do some traveling- Disneyland this spring, summer trip with my sister and family again and maybe something this fall.hmmm.

 Core ~ well the one of the goals that I didn't get to was 30 pounds weight loss. So I am not adding that pressure. This year it's all about the core. I have had a weak core for a long time. So I am going to build up my foundation. I have a program from a book and I am going to build up from the exercises my physiotherapist gave me.

 Serenity~ to me this year I am going to continue to work on de stressing my life. Yoga, what I eat or don't eat and how I react to certain situations or events in my life. Bring a calmness into my life that I need.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Beginnings


    So in February I will be plant based for 2 years..Valentine's Day, actually. This year I am giving a gift to my heart ~ I am going Plant Strong. So you may be asking " What is Plant Strong?" Well my friends is about eating whole living foods. I have been thinking about this step for awhile. I still eat alot of processed vegan foods and I know it's time to go further. I KNEW two years ago that giving up animal products was right for me. I haven't looked back. I am proud and I feel great. My digestive system is so healthy. I just know deep in my heart and soul that I am meant to push myself more. 

  For a couple of week now...because I LOVE to get this brain investigating first... I bought and read Engine 2 Diet. Then for my birthday I joined Engine 2 Extras site. I have access to videos, MP3 recording and recipes but most importantly I have found a very positive community. Cleaning the house I have my ipad on and I listen to what some of the top health doctors are saying. I love it.

Now for Christmas I bought myself these beautiful things you see above.I have seen Forks over Knives and it is an amazing movie. I wanted to see the extra interviews from the movie so I thought that would be great.The Rip Engine 2 Kitchen rescue was the bonus. Love him!! I had heard about Lindsay Nixon from her Happy Herbivore site for the two years I have been doing Plant based. I was just never ready for the step of no oil. I"m ready to take on this challenge.So armed with all three cookbooks I should have more than enough recipes to try.

   What lies ahead this year. I want John and Josh to eat plant strong with me and I am ready to start challenging there eating habits. WHY....lets face it. Truly the way North Americans are eating now is not helping us live better lives. I want John and Josh to be as healthy as possible in the future. Meats, dairy and oils don't make our futures brighter they just dim the light. So I am going to ask John to watch the movies with me and see if he wants to try some new things. I am having a Forks over Knives party in January with any friends and family that are interested in making some changes. I am making changes for ME. So join me on the next set of Advegtures...they will be bumpy and filled with challenges. I say "bring it on" with utter confidence. I can do this. I KNOW I can!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm not too busy???

Salt and pepper Tofu
    So my goal for the next few months is to try some different recipes and start sharing. I have not been overly adventurous lately. I was going to say" I am too busy." But you know what ~I am tired of that excuse. I am tired of hearing myself say it!!! So no more. I am going to get my butt in gear. I am not waiting for the new year to start new goals. This starts now. I am going to have more posts on my blog and share my discoveries.

  This months Yoga Journal has 2 fabulous articles. One on a New Years ritual that I want to try this year. The second is making an altar for meditation in your house.Now this can mean different things to different people. It just has to be things that give you good energy and inspire you. These two articles inspired me so much. I would highly recommend that you pick up this issue to read.

 The picture above is from the night I made Salt and Pepper Tofu from Healthy Happy Life Blog. I have tried many of Kathy's recipes. Her pictures are so wonderful and the food is always easy to make.John didn't like them but I have been doing this for a while so I thought it was different and I would make them again.They worked really well in my salad the next day.

   I have been thinking about the holidays ahead. I want to do Christmas baking. This year they are going to be plant powered. I want some great dishes for Christmas dinner. I need some great ideas for appy's for those impromptu nights when all the sudden I'm going out. I also want some of my favorite wines on hand like this new one my friend introduced me too.Amazing!!

So what are your healthy plans this Christmas? Just pick one and let's do it together.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time to clean

So today I did a cupboard purge.It had been far too long. I was laughing at some of the expiry dates on things.John and I also wanted to get the corn syrup, the preservatives and colours in foods out of the house. We needed to do this for Josh. Their young little bodies have enough to do without processing all that garbage. So three garbage bags later and my cupboards look darn good.
I have my Christmas present coming.I ordered a whole bunch of fun things from The Forks over Knives website. The Extended interviews, The Engine 2 Diet Kitchen Helper, 3 Happy Herbavior Cookbooks and a T-shirt. I can't wait.I'm thinking about doing a Forks over Knives party with friends I think that would be fun.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Every little bit counts

I am trying to get into the frame of mind that every little bit counts. Just get that work out in. 20 minutes, 10 minutes or even commercials. Consistency is key.Do what I enjoy!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


  So I wanted to talk Balance today.I haven't been posting because my world seems off balance and I am trying to restore order. I feel overwhelmed, frantic and lost at times. My thought process continues when I should sleep. I think of all the things I should be doing all the time. My eating habits suck because I am too tired to think of any meal of the day. I think most people can relate. We try do do it all and become disappointed when we don't do more. I get through a tough day at work and all I can think of I should workout and I shouldn't be buying takeout. So here I am on my weekend off relaxing whenever I want and asking myself "What can I change to get some harmony and grace back into my life?"
 Let's talk work I LOVE my new job. It's challenging, I am around books and magazines all day and I don't stop for anything but breaks. Balance has to be eating better lunches, having lots of water and more tea less coffee. New shoes again. Slow down and focus on one..maybe two things at once. As I get more comfortable in my job things do get easier. In that way it becomes less stressful. But I know I can do things to keep myself calmer and feel alot less frantic.

 My family. I am VERY fortunate to have a husband who is so happy that I love my new job. He also helps alot around the house. If he didn't do that I would lose my mind. When I come home he has feed himself, Josh and Josh's He does the laundry, he shops and cleans the house. Am I  bragging? No I am grateful. My biggest downfall with my family is my own mind. Guilt. Guilt is one of my greatest foes....besides sugar.I feel guilt for everything. Its so ridiculous because no one puts this pressure on me but myself. I have been trying really hard to put things in perspective when I fall into "Tanya Guilt." I try to stop, breath and put it in perspective. My perspective can be a little outrageous sometimes. My balance for family is this enjoy the time I spend with my boys. John and I talked about working out at night sometimes together instead of TV. When Josh and I have the day together enjoy, slow down and listen. I found a couple of week ago when life was REALLY busy that the time I would spend with him I was frantic. That's the word frantic. I was thinking of everything I had to do and trying to get it all done. He would want my attention and I would be snappy. (that's a word in my dictionary) I would get to the end of the day and feel guilty because all he wanted was for me to listen and pay attention. So I have been slowing down with him and focusing on just him. He is a happy boy and this is the time he wants time with me and I am going to enjoy it. I am going tho lose the snappy and frantic.

  Diet. This one has been so far down the list the past couple of months. The thing is I know this one will help me cope with stress better. But its always the first one to go. I am still following a plant based diet. What I am finding is when I am tired that old fast food habits creep back. The thing is I have been doing plant based for a year and a half. Do I still love it....yes. What I am finding is that when life gets really stressful and I am tired that I CANNOT think of anything. It sound  like a cop out but its not- I can stare at things in my kitchen and my brain is done for the day. I am still learning. My brain knows what I did for 39 years and sometimes the new paths aren't strong enough yet. So what did I have a cheeseburger ..twice. Why am I posting this. Because I enjoyed it. I told myself this is a choice I made to change my diet. I NEVER want it to be something I have to do and I do this because I feel great and I really do like it. My plan is not to change but I need to figure out some solutions for the days that are crazy (retail at Christmas) and the days that I am stressed. I have tried some great recipes lately salt and pepper tofu, baked tomatoes, sage and roasted butternut squash, roasted broccoli. These are on my days off when I have a chance to slow down. So I have to have a plan for the days I work. The the days I work are long and I work 6 days usually to get the two days off I need. Day 5 is my brain dead day.That's where the planning need to be.

  Exercise. oh exercise. Nothing .Nada. Zilch. The past months I have had a walk or two but not one weight. No yoga. Not enough walking. I think this is the thing that frustrates me so much. I need it. I feel stiff and irritable. I know it because I have to move. My hip has been good it has been sore lately but I think the new shoes will help. The foam roller is a god send.Seriously go buy one it will change your life. It hurts but the love you get back from your body.AWESOME. To be honest I have no plan yet. My mornings are early already 5:30 or 6:00 and I am damn tired when I get home. I am joining a yoga studio for my birthday. Once a week to enjoy a class  . Walking ...I NEED to get outside. The fresh air and the way Ifeel after.Priceless. I will make it wok. I have to schedule it in.

 Spirituality. This means different things for me. I talk to God all the time. I ask him to send angels for different things. Like for Josh going to summer camp for a week by himself. I asked for a camping angel who likes to camp and keep him safe. I feel lighter and strength from within when I ask. I always feel confident in knowing that there is an angel for everything. I ask God for guidance..... but he is a very busy I have been really paying attention to feeling grateful for what I have. When I am walking I hear the birds, I feel the sun and see the beauty around me and say thank you!! Breath...I have been deep breathing in the car. If I feel stressed I deep breath. I am also doing this with Josh for a minute every night. I think kids need to learn they can control alot of things with breathing. me its paying attention.Slowing down and focusing. In a beautiful book I reading  " Be the miracle" by Regina Brett she has a chapter and in it she talks about practicing loshon hora (any form of speech -gossip included-that may cause damage such as mental anguish, financial loss, physical pain, tarnished reputations, or the lowering of someones esteem in others eyes.) So its called putting the brakes on loshon hora. This is going to be a hard one but I think it will do wonderful things for my spirit. I don't need to hear things about others that aren't in the room. I don't need the rush that comes from the bonding of gossip, I don't need to feel witty or impress others.Is this going to be hard ...heck ya!!!! But I think in a world where we seem to think we know everything about another person I want to share the good not the gossip. If you want a beautiful book this is the one. I do a lesson a day. This was lesson 34 and I think it makes so much sense.

  So the postings on my blog may change a bit this year. This is going to be my 41st year on this earth. I am going to do some exploring about myself this year. I am still going to share my advegtures but it is going to be a different adventure this year as well.I hope you find yourself well and Happy Fall everyone.Kindest regards and thoughts Tanya.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My science project

  So I am embarking on a science project and the test subject is me. I got this idea from the current book I am reading The Engine 2 Diet. This is from the book

                                 Director of Advancement, Lance Armstrong Foundation

"Think of it as a science project.Pay close attention to the inputs and outputs.Monitor your sleep, exercise, energy, strength,mood and compare them with how you were on the traditional American diet. This is a bit of a game, and makes it easy and fun to see the results."

  Now I myself  have been plant based for a year and a half. I do feel lighter, my bowels (yuck) are very regular, my blood pressure is average and my cholesterol is better than average.But I could be better... I want to be in great shape as I get older and not be hampered by ailments. I want to travel the world with Josh and John as I get older and feel younger in spirit. I want to have great stamina and flexibility.I want to be filled with amazing energy.

 I have not been eating the best lately. Not enough good wholesome, clean foods. My sugar consumption is down but I can still do better.So I am doing my own science project. I am going to record the foods I eat, those bowel movements, sleep, energy levels,mood and exercise.

  My last question is..... do you and your loved ones know your numbers? It is NEVER to soon to look into these things. Don't be scared or naive won't happen to me. Heart disease is an epidemic, diabetes is epidemic and obesity is epidemic. We do need to think of the future in that it can be really great or really awful. Think of your loved ones, kids and YOURSELF. We get one life on this big beautiful planet lets make it healthy and happy!!

  I am putting up some links to some great plant based blogs and websites I hope you will check them out.
Forks over Knives
Engine 2 diet
Hol Fit - this blog has Canadian Ange sharing her ideas on being plant based. I like it because the food and things she likes are available in Canada. She also has great Youtube videos.
Happy Herbivore- Lindsay has a great website. the recipes are very healthy and easy.

                     I hope your having a great weekend before the kids go back to school!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gone Camping

  So I haven't posted in awhile. I have been enjoying this gorgeous summer, we went camping and I changed jobs. I have been adjusting to a new schedule and I have been just wiped out. I wanted to do a camping post and I even took pictures to share. I can reassure everyone camping veg is really quite easy. Just have a plan. We went with my sisters family and we had a blast shopping. We had no kids, coffee and we had our lists. We love lists.So off to Save on More, Costco and the liquor store....of course!!!

 Our plan was to have everything for everyone then have my veg dish as well. My sister is an amazing cook and helped out so much. The plan was for me to be vegetarian for the week I did have cheese and some milk in cereal. But other than that we tried making some new dishes...onion balls.So yummy!!! We also got some great vegan dishes from Pinterest and dirty gourmet. Dirty gourmet blog is FANTASTIC for vegans and vegetarians looking to camp.We made camping nachos, grilled bananas foster (these were insane!!!), Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato pesto, olives, and spinach from this blog...all of these I would make again. My sister made her stuffed apples from her girl guide days. Days were spent doing excursions all around the Jasper area so we packed lunches. Sandwiches, fruit and veggies and lots of drinks. Nights we had our meal plans and Jaime and I had our wines we wanted to try. In all it was such a fantasic trip and we hope to do one again next year. My husband and I were blown away by the area and there so many other places we want to visit next year.
At The Columbia icefields

The Athabska Falls... Amazing!!!

Onion Balls ...So yummy!!

Banana foster right from the fire. Seriously the best desert EVER!!!

Me and my little man on the boat at Malinge Lake. In behind is the Valley of the Gods. One of the most magestic places I have ever been.

Gorgeous Malinge Lake. Jasper was so beautiful!!! Fabulous trip. Go Camping!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


     So this post is going to be about change. I myself am not a big changer. I do like things to remain the same but sometimes life wants you to change.I am for the first time in 14 years going to be changing my job. Let me tell you this was a really tough decision. I love the girls I work with and I am really comfortable where I am. But I need to push myself and Josh is at an age where I can give more to work. I am going to a magical place... the book store. I am excited but the stress of making this change has really held me back the past few weeks. I hate change and it makes me almost stop in time.This caused me to question myself. How can I handle stress better? How can I push myself from my comfort zone? How can I discover more about myself if I don't try something new?

So that lead me to thinking about me not pushing myself physically for a long time.I have never thought of myself as an athlete. I have never thought that I was a very physical person.If I could talk to myself when I was little.. oh the things I would tell myself.

     I want that to change. A friend of mine was talking this weekend about her starting to run in her late 40's and how she loves it.She loves the feeling and never thought she would.I put my summer goals on here the other day and I thought that would be enough. Today I put myself through the paces to discover where I am so I can push myself this summer. It lead me to take those embarrassing before pictures so I can see where I am. When I check I know that I am changing.This takes alot of faith in myself to put these up but I want to change and by putting these up I am making a commitment to see this through.

So the stats are PULL UPS- not one! lol. I can hang there but my upper body is not pulling me up anywhere. That is okay because I need to start somewhere.

FULL PUSH UPS- set 1 and 2 ~ 6 and set 3 ~4

RUNNING a MILE- 16:34  not fast at all but considering a month ago I couldn't run ~not bad.

Weight -180 like I said I need to lose 40 pounds.

     I need to get more inspired with my food. I have not been making any recipes and my sugar consumption has gone up. My stomach has been really upset I have eating a bit more dairy and I know that this is the cause.My challenge is doing this plant based. I have weight trained in the past and done well with high protein . I KNOW this is doable I have tons of blogs for inspiration and my Oxygen mags. 

  My husband is my other inspiration. He looks incredible and he is so focused I will look to him for that push as well. He is always my biggest fan and we do well when we work on things together.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Intentions

So this is my 100th post and I thought I would add my intentions to some of the amazing images I found on Pinterest. This first one is all about respecting all that this marvelous body does for me. Through food, working out, reducing stress, getting more spiritual and making sure I get some time with my friends and family.

Pull ups I am going to do 3 by the end of this summer. Seeing as I can't really do one this seems like a great fitness goal.

I LOVE weight training- my goal is 5 times a week.

Right now since I have not been running at all I am going to say I want to run a 12 minute mile. I am really slow so I am not sure how fast I am going to get there but I needed a time to shoot for.

Ahh push ups - 3 sets of 12. Not on knees full out

Perfecting the headstand. Practice, practice and more practice.

Remembering that it's the little steps and to be proud.

Keep going every SINGLE DAY!!! Have faith in myself.

Listen more. God and I talk alot lately and I have to slow down and listen.


John and I having some time together with each other.
  Organize and Organize some more. Planning is everything.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My guest post on Tosca Reno's blog!!!

  So today is the day guys!!! I am so excited and honored to be picked to guest blog!!!! I would LOVE for you to go check it out!! So go visit Tosca Reno

I also have the link button to The Eat Clean Diet down on the right. If you go to the site I am on The Kitchen Table and you can friend me.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A blog that makes me go "YEAH"

  Once in awhile you can come across someone who really inspires you. Someone that writes something that you say wow~" I love that" or okay~" light bulb moment". I recently found a blog that has done just that. Lindsay's Ramblings is a VERY fit young lady. She is strong in her faith and her biceps. She is tiny but amazingly strong. I LOVE her attitude about weights and clean eating. What I have learned from reading her blog and archives are things I am going to put into my own training. LIFT HEAVY, have one cheat meal a week and that my body will only get better with time. Pick better goals..".training goals" not weight loss.I think the thing that has really hit me is this isn't going to be a quick fix this is going to take time.This quote is from Lindsay's blog a post from June 2011.

  "Getting an amazing body is hard work. It's not something you get in month, or even 3 months, or even a year! IT TAKES TIME. A LONG TIME. It's not just something you get by changing a few little things in your diet here and there or exercising a couple of days a week, or lifting light weights.
It's a CONSTANT changing of your habits and lifestyle. It's changing your whole mindset. It never stops-you must constantly evolve and try to become better and healthier. THAT is when you will get results. When you are willing to change. When you stop trying to just get in shape quick for that trip to the beach, and you start wanting to change yourself for the better, from the inside out."

  A couple of days ago Lindsay had a fantastic post about the scale. You should check it out. If anyone can convince you to go heavy Lindsay can. I feel so inspired I have always LOVED weight training and she is making me go harder. Her words and too die for muscle has me getting downstairs and pushing out some bigger weight on my sets.
This is Lindsay and she looks this way not to compete but because she loves to lift. Love it!!! Those arms and legs..yep..that's my inspiration!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

let me introduce.. Ruth Heidrich

Photo from Ruth's Website

  I thought everyone should meet the lovely Ruth Heidrich. If your familiar with vegan books or watched Forks over Knives (if you haven't~ take the time it is eye opening) you will know the name. This photo is Ruth at 73 in 2008. She is still going strong in 2012.

  I love Ruth's story so I thought I would share her story from her website and this current article on Vegan Mainstream . Ruth was a very healthy women at 47 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She ran marathons ate really well and was in disbelief when her doctor told her she had breast cancer.

     So she fought back with the help of John McDougall's program helping her fight her cancer with a low fat vegan diet. She trained for her first Ironman after her surgery. Ruth has been Vegan for 30 years and has never looked back. She had the belief in her heart and from Dr McDougall that the change in her diet would and HAS helped fight her cancer. I love her spunk, her determination and her drive.What an amazing lady.

Two funny and lovely ladies from the HBO series "The Weight of a Nation"

  I personally believe that food plays a HUGE role in our state of health and our children's. I have been watching the HBO special " The Weight of a Nation" and it is quite scary the situation that we will all be in if we don't change. My biggest concern that our kids are the ones paying the price.I shared with John the information that the two main things that shocked me why our kids are getting so big. TV's in there rooms and the heavy marketing campaigns that the food industry is assaulting our kids with. That blew me away!!

  I am still learning and continue to be challenged everyday by the call of sugar, bad beverages and watching TV instead of getting outside. My pledge to myself and my son is that I am going to get outside every day. I will continue to add more veggies and fruit to my families daily diets. Nothing but water in his lunch kit. I am giving up coffee, pop and wine (except for a glass if we go out). I know that my weight loss is stalled by the drinks I consume. In the program from HBO they stated teenagers consume an entire meal in drinks a day. I thought lets be honest with myself .. " I do this". I have loved teas for years so in with tea and water. Yummy!!

  Is there a challenge you want to do for yourself or your family this summer?? Post in comments if you want or write them down for yourself. Lets all make this a healthier summer.

  On a fun note the countdown to my guest post on Tosca Reno blog is in 8 days. MAY 29th!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The PLAN !!!!

 So today I took the time to plan my food for the next little while.I am going to stay very close to what the design is here. I do follow a plant based diet but, I do have the occasional eggs.I may bump up the eggs as I weight train more. This is trail and error for me I haven't done a ton of hard core workouts and followed my plant based diet. I will get more advice from my magazines, Tosca and various blogs.I can tweak along the way.

Okay so water, herb teas ( I have tons of David's Tea's) and green tea. I am going to try to get tons of lemons in the water for the liver. I have to recommend a new David's Tea Mulberry Magic. Yummy!!!


Breakfast...protein smoothie or oatmeal

Snacks.... Almond or peanut butter w whole grain crackers or celery
                 1 tbsp raw almonds
                 protein shake
                 Coconut or soy yogurt w fruit

Lunches....soups (lentil and bean) w salad
                  Salads w beans or tofu
                  Fruit 1 cup

Dinner ...tofu and bean main meals
Quinoa or brown or wild rice ( this is every two days)
2 veggies of some sort

 My plan is to eat 5 times a day and also cut out sugar. I have Tosca's new Veggie Cookbook and I plan to make meals from that as well. So it's simple and that should help.

 Workouts-  So this is the workout right now. I am working to get this hip flexor injury fixed.

Weight training 5or 6 times a week...chest, back, triceps, biceps and shoulders.I am working this on rotation. This is working fabulously I am finding myself more focused.
 Walking with running intervals. My physiotherapist...who is amazing. She is recommending running.I was shocked!! She wants me to warm up REALLY good then start shocking the muscles. Forcing them to work differently. 

 Right now no legs...but a wall squat Keri has me doing.Mama mia!!!. It not really a squat and super hard. It is forcing those buttocks to do some more work.And butt squeezes all day long.

 Abs right now it is ALL about the core. Keri has me thinking 24/7 about the pelvic wall. Pulling it in with EVERYTHING I do.Everything I do requires me thinking about my core. Kegels..  ladies I cannot tell you how important this is!!! And side planks I am getting better every day.

I am going to get rid of 40 pounds......... it's time.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Being a MOM

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Wow six years of being a mom. A mom to me means ... Endless laughter, little hands, a heart so filled with love it feels like it will burst, reading books, nighttime kisses, pillow fights, adventures, learning, family time.

My mom taught me that love is boundless and gives you shelter when you need it. I know I'm a better mom because I learned from the best. I love you mom!!!!!!

These are pictures from a pillow fight I will never forget!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Say "Thank You"

   I watched Oprah's tour from Toronto (I love PVR) yesterday. Wow~ did this one hit me in the heart. I took so  many notes and I can say this show was amazing. These are the things I took away from it!!

    Say Thank You!! That's it. It can change our worlds. You can't stay angry, mad or hurt if you just give some gratitude. You can't feel these negative emotions if you think positive.It's impossible!! Deepak said that living in a state of grace can heal our bodies. It opens us up.When we are constricted our bodies suffer.Open up and say Thank You.

 Finding a way to give back. I hope to teach Josh compassion and that contribution FEELS really good.   Children live through our examples. Health, fitness and what we do and say~ WE will be their biggest influences.Tony Robbins said the best message his mom every taught him~ was FEELING the gift of giving.

 Bishop TD Jake's said his mom would say to him "The world is a university and everybody is a teacher when you wake up in the morning be sure to go to school" Your mom teaching you that EVERY PERSON has something to teach you.That is a powerful message.

  I had read recently in a book The Dalai Lama asked people what the greatest challenge facing our time? His words "The greatest challenge facing our time is not weapons of mass destruction or terrorism or ethnic cleansing" he said "It is that we are raising a generation of passive bystanders." Are we teaching our children through our actions not to act on what we believe in? Actually what THEY believe in? Yes by not making time to give back, not standing up for what we believe in and by not saying thank you to those around us and the earth itself.

 Why did I write about this today? Because I felt it and by saying Thank You and being grateful and giving back you will be healthier and feel better. That's what this blog is all about.

 So say "Thank You" to someone today. So THANK YOU for reading!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday's to do

Walk in the gorgeous sun
Be grateful
Back workout
Pick up niece
See Avengers with John, Josh and Maddy. I can't wait!!!
Prep for week
Dinner and hopefully eat out on the deck in the sun

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ernestine ~ 75 years young

   This amazing women is Ernestine Shepherd. Isn't she in amazing shape!! She is 75 years young. She is so inspiring!!! I came across her story on another blog and I had to share.

    To my delight she has a website. So what is Ernestine's story. She didn't start her journey to health until she was 56. That's right 56 ~she made the decision to get herself in shape.(It kind of blows that excuse" I can't do it at my age" right out of the water ) Her sister started started to get in shape with her and then died suddenly from a brain aneurysm. Ernestine was devastated and stopped going to the gym until a friend said her sister would have wanted her to continue. She returned to the gym with determination to get fit.

  She started slow and built up in little steps. She now trains "mostly" senior women 5 days a week. "She lives to inspire senior women to reach their potential". I would says she has surpassed this goal because she definitely inspires this 40 year old.

  This women competes in 5K and 10K races and runs marathons.She gets up at 4:00. She strength trains 4 times a week.At 71 she competed in a bodybuilding competition.

 Ernestine offer this advice on her website

  ~ Begin slowly and get guidance from a expert personal trainer
  ~ Good nutrition is important
  ~ Has support from her husband
  ~ Gets her body the rest it needs
  ~ Have a positive attitude
  ~ Know where you want to go and what you want accomplish

"Determined- Dedicated- Disciplined To Be Fit" Ernestine's Mantra
    This is what I aspire to be!!!!!!!! What a role model!! This is healthy living!! This is treating your body with respect and she shows us that it can be done at any AGE!!

      This quote is from her website " She has a lot to teach us about thriving at any age- if we are ready and open to learn."