Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy Sexy

    I FINALLY go around to watching Crazy Sexy Cancer.I got it from the library, it sat in my house for two weeks and I made some time to watch it. Fantastic!! I wasn't surprised, I had read Kris Carr's books(Crazy Sexy Cancer and Crazy Sexy Diet) and found her to be so inspiring,funny and very knowledgeable.Watching the DVD made me want to push my meditation time up to 10 minutes.(Which I did today...and it surprised me that it went fast.)I also want to juice more..I did an apple carrot combo yesterday with Josh. He didn't like it but I might try more apple next time.(I have been following a wonderful blog that I have talked about before and Lindsay is currently doing a long detox.She has some great info.)
    I would highly recommend the DVD and the books they will make you cry, inspire you and make you laugh!! Kris Carr rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

getting there

   So the plan is underway.I am looking at the store flyer's.I know how many days I need for my menu plan................motivation where are you????? I keep finding more things to organize and clean. I am in spring cleaning mode since we have had no summer yet.I am hoping that August is going to be their for me.Okay I am going back to my table and I AM going to pick some recipes right now!!! Chow for now!!! And wish me luck or motivation!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

menu plans and groceries

  So it's time for groceries in a couple of days.I always have grand plans for recipes and menu planning. I know it keeps costs down and it helps when I'm working that the boys know what they are eating.What holds me back..well just sitting down and doing it.But, like alot of great things it just takes TIME.I am hoping that I can cut my grocery costs down and I always feel great having a plan.I also tend to get carried away I buy too much.I also buy for 2 weeks but, I am finding that fruit and veggies don't want to last that long.So need to tweak my grocery plans.
  For myself I have always kept an ongoing grocery list as things run out.Next I look at the recipes I want for the next week.(That doesn't happen all the time..sometimes I just wing it and that's when the cost go up)then it's off to the store and sometimes it's convenience over lower costs of another store.I found some sites that have helped me in the past .organizing junkie she has a whole section on menu planning, grocery lists and recipe organization.It is a great resource.The next one is Money Saving Mom she also talks about menu planning and cutting cost.The only bummer is the amazing coupons they get it the states.
  So today I am spending the day coming up with a new menu plan and grocery ideas.I will share the results tomorrow.
  On a fun note I have found a new product I love. It's a soy creamer and I don't miss my cream in my coffee.Super Yummy!!!
  The sporks sisters did again with a fantastic online class of summer foods.If you haven't seen them yet go to they are funny,super informative and August is Greek food.I can't wait!! I am VERY excited to get their new Cookbook coming out in October.I am going to pre buy it.I have NEVER bought something before it is released but, I really love these two!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some goodies!!

   So on my trip I was able to get a few things that I couldn't get at home without ordering.We went into a HUGE Indigio Books.I could spend hours in book stores, I love them. I could also spend a fortune in
     I was really excited to find Mandy Ingber's new Yoga DVD and I'm so pumped to try it.Then I found my yoga gloves that will help me hold positions longer.My hand get clammy and my downward dog ends up getting further apart.These gloves are the bomb they look silly but, I feel way more stable in them.
   I was thinking about which book I would look for if I was able to get to one of these big book stores. I knew I wanted Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's Daily Companion.It was there!!! I been reading it for a week. Every day I have learned something (Why everyone talks about massaging Kale??..I was baffled.Now I'm not).It will be a great book to add to my Vegan library.
  In all I didn't buy alot. I did find some fun things. John and I have intentions to go back next year for some clothes. I did find a tshirt I had looked for in the Nike store in Vegas but, had no luck.Even better I found it in the outlet store this time.I love the message and I think it's something all women should be striving for...."Strong is the New Beautiful".I can't wait to wear it!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

6 months!!


  So it's my 6 month anniversary being Veg. I have learned alot and I wanted to get some thoughts down about my adventure. This has been one of the biggest lifestyle changes for me and it feels wonderful!!

    I have learned their are some great meat alternatives on the market
     I have learned that their are alot of food I have never tried.
     I have learned that my family and friends are very supportive and will help me with my lifestyle changes.
     I have learned their are some amazing blogs that I can learn from.
     I have learned that it is important to try new things
     I have learned that their is no end to learning.

I am not not finished on this adventure and ...
    I still want to learn to bake  more often with dairy alternatives.
    I still want to cook with a few different ingredients.
    I still want to try more recipes and make my grocery list and menu plan before I get to the grocery store.
    I want to can and make some jams this summer and fall.
    I want to include more physical aspects to my advegture.More yoga,walking and weight training.
    I want to get on my blog more often.

I will end on a sad note we have had a huge change in our family. Our wonderful dog Shasta was put to rest after 15 wonderful years.She was silly,goofy and gave us unconditional love. Whenever I think of her I say " I love her and thank her for all the amazing love she gave us." Rest in Peace my first baby!!!