Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just had to share.

Travel Time


     So we are going on an a real adventure.My first journey travelling since going Veg.It's a little scary. I have had to do some investigating and come up with a plan. Without a plan I could end up hungry and make a mistake I would rather not make.( The other night I was hungry and I ordered a veggie pizza with no cheese and the boys their regulars.I was so hungry the smell hit me and all I wanted was the pizza they were having.I made myself go eat mine. I felt great not giving in but, it was hard.Because I was hungry!!!) I'm glad this happened before we are going away because it taught me I CANNOT have nothing on hand.And vacation is the one time you're hungry, not home and mistakes are easier to brush off " Oh I'm on vacation". I have come too far and I feel so good not eating meat that I will not make that mistake!! So I've been researching and I will be doing some vacation shopping.
  Vegan backpacker has some great travel ideas on her blog. She talks about iPhone apps Happy Cow and Veg Out. I will add these apps to our iPhone.She talks about the importance of having snacks on hand. Since we are at hotels all week this will be very important.I also am putting a link to hol-fit she has a great video on travelling and she has a small child.She shows what she travels with and provides some great tips.
  So I am going to bring my new backpack cooler that I scored at a garage sale.It will be easy to take and I can use it on some of our outings that we have planned.Maybe a small blanket, travel wipes,plastic spoons and forks.One of my biggest hurdles is bringing snacks I like and will eat.I have really great intentions sometimes:) So I'm off to make a list and some purchases in the next couple of days...apples,bananas,Starbucks instant coffee, hummus, veggies, crackers, nut and dried fruit bags.Some suggestions are energy bars but, I haven't tried any yet and don't want to waste my money.I am also going to our health food store where I've seen individual Vega protein powder mixes, I figure that would be a great idea.I am looking forward to the challenge of this trip.I will share ideas and challenges and a few things I've learned along the way when I get back.I am looking forward to enjoying this summer and Happy July everyone!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lovin my greens

  So as you know from a previous post I planted a few goodies on my balcony this year.Lots of herbs (the basil is not looking so great though..I think it's been to wet????) My favorite thing I have planted my big planter of garden greens.The lettuce is so amazing and I am able to have a least three or four salads from it a week.Darn good I think.I would suggest to anyone go out and buy some for your balcony you will not regret it!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Underlying CAUSES of Disease:what a concept!

  I got this from the lovely Kris Carr email subscription today.It is a video from doctor Mark Hyman at TED MED I thought it made so much sense.It is really worth the time and I hope you watch and share what you think.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let's play a game!

              The game is "What is wrong with the beverages I am drinking".

1~ Coffee: It is very acidic.It has caffeine which is dehydrating.The grossest thing I read, research has shown that cancer cells live indefinitely in coffee.Ewww!! Just something to think about.

2~Tea: because of the high acidity content I should take black tea off the menu.

3~Soft Drinks:One thing that stuck with me one of the key components of cola is phosphoric acid it's strong enough to dissolve a nail in three days.I can't even imagine what our beautiful bodies must think of it.This phosphoric acid leaches calcium from my bones~they have it hard enough already.

                     What should I be drinking?

1~ H20: I know this is a given.I know I should drink more water! But why is it so hard to enjoy water?It is quite astonishing what water does for the body.It helps regulate your temperature,toxin excretion,joint lubrication and fat metabolism (that one caught my attention) Water helps process just about every biological,mechanical and chemical action that takes place in my body.It cushions and protects organs,transports nutrients within each cell and dispels acidic wastes.My lungs need it to humidify the air they move.My digestive system need it to process foods.My brain needs it to perform the chemical reactions required to run my body.The pancreas uses it to alkalize food coming in and out of the stomach and into the intestines.Water keeps my skin soft and supple.Increases oxygen in the blood.It helps maintain normal electrical properties of the cell improving cell to cell function.When I read all that the body needs to do with the little amount of water I give it I thought "Crap I need to drink more water". I know all the bad things that can happen if I don't drink enough, that wasn't working to get me to drink more.But now I just think of all the things that my body can do with a glass of water...I will stop whining and start drinking.I 'll add some lemons,limes or grapefruit they help maintain the body's pH balance and it's super tasty.

2~ Herb teas: I can get some great caffeine free teas from David's tea.

3~Smoothies and juicing: I'll be honest juicing for me is time consuming but, a smoothie of frozen fruit and water.Yummy!! I do want to juice though. I read Crazy Sexy Diet and the benefits of juicing. (PS this is a great book and Kris Carr is a very inspiring person.)

              I would love some ideas or tips if anyone has some out there?

          " Thousands have lived without love,not one without water"
                                                       W.H Auden

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grocery day!!

  Well it was grocery day today and time to get back on track.More salads,smoothies and less processed foods.I hit my" I can't eat anymore cap limit"!! Yes..I have a limit!!lol.So the whole no sugar and no coffee really didn't happen since the last time I blogged.I will post some pictures this week.I'm looking forward to refocusing!!

Friday, June 10, 2011


  So maybe your wondering how is this advegture going? I have made some great progress and I am stumbling in others. This is a huge learning curve for me and a big lifestyle change.In one week I have been at this for 5 months.I am VERY proud of myself and I know this is the right fit for me.

    So what is working:

  Not one piece of chicken, red meat or fish in 5 months.I can honestly say I still don't miss it.I was wondering if it might happen but, nope there is no desire.I have had moments where the smell of certain things makes me pause but, I keep on going.It really helps that veggie food is wonderfully fast.Thank goodness!

  I NEVER in a million years thought I would look forward to a salad.I can EAT THEM AS MEALS.Who would have thought of it??? Eat a salad as your main meal..before I would have thought LOCO.
  Frozen Gardein meals...I Love these new Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers.They are so easy when I get home late.
  My new treadmill~ It lets me run a bit and I am smitten.It  is so nice to be able to do something consistently.

  Yoga~ what am amazing difference.I am craving the flexibility it is giving me but it also is teaching me to calm down and breathe.I need to do that alot.I use the time after to sit and meditate for 5 minutes. I will be increasing the time slowly.

  Learning to go without and make changes.I CAN have pizza but, it has veggies and no dairy.It is really good.No I can't have food at ALMOST ALL fast food places.(Which is not a bad thing) I can find places where I can get some things.If I can't I go home.

 My skin looks way better,my digestion system is in heaven I NEVER have stomach problems anymore.My energy is the most consistent it has been in 6 years.My blood pressure has not gone above normal.I tend to react with less intensity than I would have in the past...I don't get as wound up. These are some of the big things for me and they are why I continue on this journey.

  Some of my challenges:

  Motivation~ Right now it is motivation to make some new and exciting recipes.(hence no pictures lately)My food has been processed and fast way too much. This I have to get back on track.

   Vacation~ it's going to be hard.I HAVE to plan snacks and come up with some great road trip solutions.Then maybe research some restaurant ideas for myself.At least some vegetarian ideas.Then feel as confident about my choices away from home.Yikes!! I will share some of my thoughts and ideas in a travel post before I go.

  I have been indulging in dairy, bits and pieces here and there.I know that to keep my veins and heart healthy this has to go.This is my next step.I will tackle that one when we come home.It will be the second half of my year goal.

  This one most people will relate too.Stop doing the things that drive me crazy.Those habits that we beat ourselves up for and can't conquer.I CAN CONQUER ANYTHING!!!! I have left the meat in the dust now it's time to be brave and get rid on some of the things that control my world.Sugar and coffee.That's right it is time to say bye bye and hello new world.There are SO MANY different food and drinks that are way better for me.Hello herb teas,H2O and fruit.So starting tomorrow I will be blogging and crying about my brave new world.

  Well I'm off to the Blog world to do some catching up.So I hope everyone is well and trying one meat free meal a week!! Chow for now!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Into June I go!!

 So May I didn't get on to this blog as much as I would like.So I am going to get on here this month alot more.My goals for June.
   1 My smoothies every day.Get adventurous and try some new ones.I can't think of anything better on a hot day.
  2 Continue with my yoga practice every day.The progress is small but,today for the first time I could take my legs laying flat out to a bent position with no pain.COOLNESS!!
  3 20 minute walk EVERY day.I have a new toy..a beautiful treadmill.John and I talked and it works great and I don't have to fit it in around Josh.
  4  Try my new recipes.I have a quinoa soup recipe(Thanks Bonnie!!) that I will try this week.
  5 Continue to get my meditation time longer.
  6 Salads are about to become my summer friend.
  7 Get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather.I love it that your house gets an extra room outside during the summer.

  Anyone else got some great goals for June???