Thursday, March 31, 2011

Martha Stewart does Vegan

   I had heard that Martha Stewart was having a show on being Vegan.We don't have Hallmark so I thought I would take a chance and see if the episode was going to be on the website.Sure enough  parts of the episode are on there.
  She had Twitter founder Biz Stone who I thought was quite charming.They made Seitan Bourguignon.I have not made anything thing with Seitan, a wheat protein~ yet.But I will be making this recipe next payday.I mean it has wine in it for goodness sakes so you know it's going to be think this was my favorite part of the episode.
  She then made Vegan snack bars with Kathy Freston.I have seen Kathy on a few different shows so to me it seemed like I was hearing the same things.But I will be making the bars.Great snack for after walking.
   She also did a short interview with Gene Baur the co founder and president of The Farm Sanctuary.He was fabulous.I found him and  Martha very informative but not in your face about factory farms.They made their point but did it in a positive way so people could have some information on how they can help and make changes.
   Overall as a new veggie I thought it was really wonderful and the recipes they used all looked really yummy.The bad thing ~I now have to add another book to my list.Gene Baur's-Farm sounds like it has some great stories in it.I think Martha was inquisitive and had a good banter with everyone I am glad I got to see the show.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Locavore" my review

   So I just finished Sarah Elton's Locavore.I have to share what I felt about this book.It took me longer than usual to read.It was alot of information and she is a great writer. I just felt I needed to read it slowly. With all that I am learning I felt a pull to read this book.

  Sarah is a Canadian woman and her journey starts with eating a cookie. She was looking forward to eating it with her daughter.When she happens to look at the label she is shocked it is "made in China".She lives in Toronto and she has a hard time understanding that a cookie came that far and not from a local bakery?So this sets her off on her "quest to understand more about the foods we eat and the way I feed my family of four". I like the way Sarah questions the fact that her cookie has come this far and why not in her area.She had me hooked in the first couple of paragraphs.

  She questions and asks whether industrial agriculture is sustainable.She begins her quest with farmers. She finds out how tough it is, how they must think in new ways and how some of these  farms, foodies, urbanites, gardeners and chefs are making changes across Canada.This takes her from the maritimes, British Columbia(beautiful!!lol)Saskatchewan, and Quebec.I loved the stories of the farmers looking for new ways to survive and thrive in Canada.They are thinking differently and enhancing their skills.

   She has stories of some of the new people being drawn into farming. Some of these people have no connection to farming but feel a powerful connection to the earth.Sarah introduces some of the innovative farming programs for teaching these new farmers.In is so interesting.

  The biggest reason I really enjoyed this book.....HOPE. I have been watching alot of programs and the weight of them can make you feel helpless.Not in Sarah's book I found a reason to believe that we will find a way to make things more sustainable.That we as consumers don't want to have to rely on food that has to be flown or trucked in.That there are people out there that are making a difference on a local level.That there is a demand for products and ingredients grown closer to home.I loved the stories of people growing there own food and using farmers markets to sell their products. People who are fascinated by trying something new and making it better.It always amazes me what people can accomplish.

  What did I decide to change or try because of this book.

  1~shop at the farmers market this spring and summer.

  2~look into my local vegetable box program.You can check out one yourself for Prince George-P&G organics

  3-Ask questions-where is your food coming from?where was it produced?

  4-Is the farm organic?

  5-eating in season..this is something I am becoming more aware of.

  6-Cook and bake more of my own products to cut down on processing.

  7-go pick some of my own berries this year.Josh would love this!!

  8- I am going to learn how to cook my own bread this year.Locally in Prince George we have Red Rooster Artisian Breads . I am not saying that I would do this all the time.But, they do classes in the summer about making bread without dairy.I figure a afternoon with family or friends in the sun. With a nice lunch of fresh made pizza, a glass of wine and you take home bread.How great would that be?

  9-One of my resolutions this year was to learn new cooking techniques from friends and family.My sister has said her Japanese exchange student would teach us to cook tofu.One of my other friends has a woman who has done alot of world travelling and she would teach us vegan meals.I am taking some raw classes with my family in April .I am just opening myself up to learning as much as I can.

 10.Attend The Razzel Dazzel Do in Prince George this year on August 6th for Cystic Fibrosis.This is held on a local farm and they use a locally grown food.We couldn't make it last year but, this year I am going.

  I like it when a book makes me think of ways to incorporate new ideas into my life.Sarah's book didn't disappoint.I did find her website and blog.She has a talks a little bit about foods in season.So here is the link The Locavore .

I want too see this!!

I just seen this on The Kind Life and "I am" going to have to find out how I can see it.It looks fantastic!! I had to share.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Too cool!!

                            I got my VERY own copy of The Kind Diet tonight.

  I had been keeping the libraries copy over and over.This was going to be my last time for a while...someone had put a hold on it.Can you believe the nerve.LOL.I had been wanting one but it was 30.00 Canadian price and I thought I would wait.
  But what did I see in Costco today...The Kind Diet for 13.99!!!! Crazy!!!! I snapped that baby up right away.Now it's mine to get used and all reciped(I know it's not a word) But, I'm excited.SO if you were thinking about reading it. Go get it. For that price you get some great recipes and can learn more about being Vegan or flirting into it.This is a fantastic book!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I got nominated for A Stylish Blogger Award.Too cool!!

  This is pretty cool vegan backpacker nominated me as a new blogger for a stylish blogger award.How cool is that?? I was pretty pumped.So I have to tell you seven things about myself and then pass the award on to 15 new blogs myself.

1. My husband was the guy I always wanted

2. I love my son he is the bomb!! I was changed forever when he came into my life.

3. I know going Vegan is going to change my life...stay tuned for this fun journey of

4. I love best friend found me information the other night on some great Vegan wines.

5.I can't wait for garage sale season.My mom,Auntie Theresa,Josh and myself.I have so much fun squeezing myself and all the stuff we find in our vehicles.

6.I think I will run out of books to read at the library.Thank goodness for all the lovely writers out there.

7.Cooking and baking is my new hobby.Someone on The Kind Life forum suggested that Vegan eating become my new hobby.I have loved that suggestion and done just that.

Stylish Blogger Award
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if you wish to continue:)
1 make a post and link back to the person who awarded you with this award.
2 Share 7 things about yourself
3 award 15 great bloggers
4 contact those blogger and tell them they've won

So I think I have done this right and I hope I got everyone's links done properly.This was my new blog thing to learn today instead of watching my PVR'd

PS..a couple of my blogs aren't Vegan just ones I enjoy reading.

You might want to check this out!

  So as you know I follow a few blogs and I REALLY enjoy their journeys.So today if you want to check out one that in my opionion is pretty darn cool.Green food,Green Thumb,High Heels~ I love the name!! She is celebrating her 1 year anniversary being veggie.She talks in her post about how she feels being veggie and her year.I think it's a great post!!
  I will be absent for a few days work,work and more work!! Everybody have a great weekend and how about thinking up a Meatless Monday meal and report back on how it went.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

made these beautiful babies today

  These wonderful muffins are from a blog called The Happy Herbivore. You can link to her blog on my blog roll.You can get her recipes there.I added toasted walnuts and chocolates chips(not vegan).These are so moist and they taste very decadent.I needed something sweet and these will do "oh so well".I should have enough for the weekend too!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eating veg is so beautiful and full of life!

  So what do I eat?

  Well I can show you today...I took some pictures.
So this is breakfast...does it look weird?That's because it's the ingredients for my morning shake, I put them on a plate for a picture this morning.Starting at the bottom- 1Tbsp of gorgeous ground flax seeds( I grind them in the coffee grinder every couple of days and store them in the freezer) 1 scoop of protein powder( Last payday I replaced my Whey Protein with Genuine Health Vegan proteins,pricey but I like it.I think it will last me a month.I have a shake every morning and John and Josh have them with me sometimes.)1/2 a banana(I am always able to freeze some as they start to turn.I like them a little sweeter when they go brown)1/2 a cup of spinach( I just started adding this and you don't even notice it-seriously!)the best fruit ever...frozen blueberries usually I do about 3/4 of a cup.All these ingredients go for a spin in the blender with water(the water goes over the ingredients).Super yummy and it keeps me filled up to lunch.
 And my leftover Red Lentil Stew for lunch from the other night.
   Then this was was FANTASTIC!!! This was ANOTHER successful recipe from The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.( I am SO getting her baking book )Her dish is the one on the right...Sauteed Broccoli Rabe with olives and toasted pine nuts-pg 135.This was excellent! The only thing I have to do differently is steam the broccoli rabe for less time.Prepping and cutting still takes me a bit longer.So it steamed a bit to long...but it was SO flavourful.
  My mushrooms were crying to be eating so I did 1 tsp of olive oil,chopped 1 shallot(I sauteed for about 3 minutes until they went clear..I have learned that this is a good saute look for them),about 10 mushrooms(sauteed with shallots for a further 5 minutes).I then added....2 tbsp of red wine(I was thinking of my friend Erin when I made these) and 1 clove of minced garlic and let that simmer until wine was reduced. I added a glass of wine to my dinner and oh very delicious!!!

   My glasses and plates were filled with colour and life today.They were all filling and helped with cravings.So a 85% Vegan day.I had wine which I learned has animal by products in the finishing stages (thank you JL goes Vegan!!a red wine lover herself).So I will be searching for some great Vegan wines in our town.I am sure they are out there. I will share my wine findings when I am able to do some foot work.Without Josh- who thinks Liquor stores are Wine stores thanks to me and his Aunty Maura.That's my boy:)

My greatest struggle so far....Timmy's large dble dble's.I have them at work and they have cream.This is my main battle and I figure that is not to shabby.

Monday, March 21, 2011

So off to Morocco tonight..just a short trip!

  Well I experienced my first Moroccan "advegture" tonight.And darn it was TASTY! So this recipe was from The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick Goudreau.It is called Red Lentil Artichoke Stew on page 70.It was very flavourful,it had a hit of heat(crushed red pepper flakes) and the spices made it so exotic.I thought I would like this recipe because of the artichokes and it didn't disappoint.I put it over basmati rice and a glass of red wine.It will be lunch for a couple of days and I am looking forward to it tomorrow.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

blog I have to share

  I found a blog this morning that I loved.JL goes Vegan(I can't seem to link properly..I'm still learning) she is a wonderful inspiration,athlete and of course Vegan.I liked the way she writes and she has some great bean recipes,loves wine and changed her life all after forty.I like stories like hers.Just thought I would put it out there and if your interested check her out.She is on Facebook too! let me know what you think?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I went to Thailand last night!

 So last night I tried a new recipe.The boys wanted pizza (It smelled good but,I didn't miss it)So I ventured into unknown territory..Thai cooking.
   The recipe is from The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.It's Pad Thai on page 26.It was easy to make.It did require a bit of prep getting the sauce done,tofu fried,noodles softened,veggies cut and steamed.But, it was worth all the dishes I had to wash after.I have enough leftovers for lunch today and John took some to work.In all I would make this recipe again in a heartbeat.I even took a picture.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vegan check in!

  So it's been a little over two months since I started my journey into a plant based diet.I thought I would share some of my thoughts on my adventure so far.

  1  I don't miss animal all! This has shocked me.I keep waiting for some craving to hit.NONE.That is "Sweet"!!
  2  There is a whole world of foods I have never tried.It's been quite an eye opener and I have been enjoying alot of new foods.(Kale,tofu,beans,legumes,soybeans) I just was uneducated about what to do with these foods.I am trying to think of a plant based  foods as my "new hobby".
 3  I have more energy.I wake up ready for the day.Usually I wake up thinking I can't wait to go to sleep again or do I have to get up.John has asked me how I feel and honestly "I feel amazing."I feel awake and like my body is working better.It sounds weird but,that's how I feel.
4  There is alot of information out there on how great a plant based diet is and the control to make sure we DON"T get this information.There is alot of money to be made from us consuming animals products.Get the information for yourself.Then we all need to work on our kids.They are the ones that are going to pay for our diets in the long run. 1 of EVERY 3 children born after the year 2000 will get diabetes.How shocking is that!
5  The China Study is a pretty amazing book.T. Colin Campbell is honest and refreshing.His issues with failing health in America and the base of it being nutrition.I hope some of you will read it.I got it from the library.It was worth every minute of my time.( I was not paided any money for this
6  There are some awesome blogs out there!!!I am going to start my own blog roll. They are amazing and must be shared.
7  You can find any recipe you want on the I made Ooey Gooey apple crisp from a blog called -Yeah,that "Vegan" Shit- I had to check it out for the name alone. .It was very good and gooey!!
8  Groceries are expensive...fruit and veggies are astronomical.This I have got to work on.
9  Friends and family will support you.They may not want to do what you are doing but, they are curious.All in all I have found everyone very interested and asking questions."Why are you doing this" is the most, I'm okay with that. It is something I feel great doing and I don't mind answering questions and trying to find some answers.
10  That I am willing to try some new things..some Raw courses from and baking some bread this summer at Red Rooster Artisan's Bread.How fun!!

   Overall I am really happy with the place I am in right now and I am looking forward to learning more.

PS I watched a documentary I found at the library this weekend.It's called Chow Down.The cartoons are a little annoying.But it's from Caldwell B. Esselstyn and it had T Colin Campbell in it. Two of my favorite doctors in America for changing and reversing diseases in America.It was really good to watch the two men and 1 women in it and see them talk about how they changed there heart diseases with nutrition(She was doing the nutrition to change her diabetes).I liked that they included their families and talked about the realities of making such a HUGE change.It's a really easy and nice show to watch.I can't wait to watch my Kickstart program on PVR tonight.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 this week

Just a quick note The 21 day Kickstart program is airing on PBS in BC this week.It starts tonight and all this week,in case you miss it .Neal Banard's beating diabetes is also airing.Just in case anyone is interested.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New product I tried

  So I gave these Gardein beefless tips a try. They were okay.I made some mistakes so I will try the rest of the bag this week.The oil was to hot when I put them in.I had to take them off before they were dark crispy blobs.(that's a nice word to use:)So they were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.I didn't care for that.I am thinking of making them thinner and most definitely frying them slower.
  My parents were away for six long months(lots of long hugs and just about tears) and we had dinner at there place last night.They were so sweet,my mom made a huge salad,chicken pot pie(I didn't have any) and made vegetarian rolls(just for me).I thought that was so nice.I love my family!!
  I am going out tonight with my girlfriends.One of them is turning 50 and looks frigging fabulous.I hope to look like her at 50.Actually this group of friends makes getting older seem like a walk in the park.They all look great and would give any 30 year old a run for there money.We are going to order Indian food,drink wine and laugh off butts off.Seriously they always make me laugh.
  Two examples of family and friends accepting what I am doing and still loving me for it.I am very blessed.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kickstart program on PBS

   Today on Facebook I found out Neal Baynard "Kickstart-21 day vegan program" is going to be on PBS.How cool is that! I will post the time and date.For us BC people it is next week.So I set up my PVR.(love that thing)If anyone one else wants to watch it would could post our comments on here after.Who's in?? Come on!!
  So I have been doing no meat,chicken,eggs,cheese for a month now.I still am working on the cream in my coffee and have had some baked items that I know have dairy.But,in all I am very proud of my progress.
     There have been a few "human moments"(that is what I am going to call them) First the cheese.Last week I was grating cheese for the boys.And I totally from habit stuck some in my mouth.I proceeded to spit it out.(Thank goodness John wasn't home he would have been baffled.)The dog on the other hand was very thankful.I had worked so hard up to that point and I didn't want to spoil it. It was so funny.One second in and the next second out.Nice picture I painted for everyone.
   My other human moment was quite literally standing in my kitchen not having a clue what to make for myself.I had a wonderful positive talk and decided I had to try the tofu.It was scaring me all week,I did not know what to do with So I jumped in.I drained out the water like some of the other blogs have said, and squished it with paper towels.I stir fried it with shallots(I love shallots..I always forget to buy them,they are so cute)broccoli and mushrooms.Yummy! And so simple.
   Last night I made pasta with a tomato sauce.In the tomato sauce I put olives,garlic,sundried tomatoes and RED LENTILS.Yes.. I did it with red lentils.John looked at it and asked me if it was "special recipe" and I said "yes,you said you would try".He didn't complain and he took some for lunch.I am guessing it was okay.I really liked it.
   Everything is going great and it's just about time to GROCERY shop again.Yikes!So I have started my shopping list and I am going to need a menu plan.I love reading other blogs about being vegan and I came across Stephanie's it's talks alot about her new adventure but,I really like that she talks about her food budget.
  I am getting tired of winter and I am looking forward to spring.I have been walking alot more again.I just can't wait for green I miss it and flowers.Sigh!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Concerns and solutions

With me reading and digesting so much information over the past few weeks I have some growing concerns.

Being to pushy?
I have so much fun,interesting and ugly information right now.How much do I share?What do I share?Will it make people uncomfortable?Reading "The China Study" has made me want to share more information and plant based foods with my husband and son.I did bring this up and John has been open and supportive.But when does it become annoying?(I am SURE he will share that with Last night he wanted to know where he could find the veg foods in the store-it surprised and delighted me.The more I read the more I want us to be strong and healthy in our later years together and this made me happy.So I will share and I guess if YOU want to know more YOU will go there yourself.

Will I get dinner invites?
  This is a big freaky situation...Seriously,I get some amazing dinners from friends and family.But, will this freak them out? Will it challenge people? Will it push me to do better at finding something I can bring to dinners,lunches and breakfasts.I 'll keep you posted.

Can I communicate my goals without getting flustered?
  When I get challenged I can't think of all the great things I am learning.I know alot but, can I speak it intelligently without drawing a blank.Like the questions I get...will I get enough protein?What kinds of food am I eating?Why..vegan?Good questions and I have great answers.But, when someone is challenging me can I articulate that?I guess I will find out.

Can I make a difference?
 I sure hope so.I have a five year old.I want him to be healthy and have a great environment,the way we are eating now is not sustainable.I do think as a mom I have to make some choices now to make him strong and so he can make great choices for himself.I want to make conscious choices about where and how his food is produced and where it comes from.I don't think factory farming and filling our meats with hormones is a good decision on ANY level.I think we have to demand changes.Processed foods are so far removed from any real foods-I want better foods!I talk to friends and family and we want changes to our food industry-so lets start voting with our wallets and demanding some changes.I know I am!

Real foods are going to get more expensive!
  Really!! "What the What"as Tina Fey's character from 30 Rock would say.I have been complaining and talking and most of us are saying the same things.Groceries are expensive.And now it's going to get worse?Oh boy! So maybe coming up with ideas and sharing with each other what is working.Menu planning,cooking ahead,seasonally cooking and leftovers.I think this something we are all concerned about.Cost of living is going up but not our wages.I know I need to look at making changes. I can share what I am learning too!!

I am learning that I WANT to share and this is why I started this blog.So happy reading and I hope I haven't scared you away!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

April 4th deadline..go vegan!

  So on April 4th I am joining a 21 day vegan kickstart program.It is free and is put on by The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.You can check out the website if you are interested.I figure that gives me a month to start prepping the pantry and getting to know some of the different ingredients I will need.The website is really interesting and they have over 1,000 vegan recipes.And they have advice from some of my favorite people..Alicia Silverstone,Bob Harper(love him!!!!),Kris Carr(Crazy Sexy Cancer series of books...fabulous woman),Dr Barnard,Dr Campbell,Dr Ornish,Kathy Freston(her book is fantastic..The Veganist)and many others.I'm pretty excited!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bakes Apples..yummy!!

So Josh and I baked apples.(pictured above) I seen a picture a week ago and have wanted one ever since.Do you think I could find the recipe?I have been reading so much we winged it.

So we washed and cored 3 apples.
We did 1/4 cup of chopped Pecans(my favorite)
1 tbsp craisins
1/4 tsp apple pie spice
1 tbsp of Earth balance butter.Broken into small bits.
Mix and stuff the apples.You could add some brown sugar.We didn't they were sweet enough.
We cooked them at 350 for 35 minutes.I would go a little longer next time..40 minutes.
Josh said they were his favorites but, I had to take the stuffing out.Too funny!!

They made the house smell amazing and they were delicious.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A few of my favorite new things!

These are out of this world!
yummy kale!
this is such a fantastic butter replacement


eye opening
 So I have been trying some new things since I started eating more veggie.I thought I would tell you about a few:
    Gardein Marinara meat free chicken- sounds weird but,these are so good.They are super fast to make.They have worked in a pinch because John has been having separate meat meals.I think they would be pricey for a family,you get two in a bag for around $5.So $2.50 a piece.It was very filling for one.I would buy these again in a heartbeat.They have so many other products and I am looking forward to trying them all.They have a fabulous website if you want to check it out.

    Kale-I never had this vegetable before and it is easily going to become a staple.("Kale,it's the new spinach" that's from my favorite show Modern's gone into my stuffed peppers and my spaghetti a couple of times and I want to make Kale chips.Vegetarian times has a recipe I want to try.I will try it this week and let you know how it goes.Josh and I can make it together.

  Earth Balance butter-you would never know that this is not butter.Its soy oil and canola oil.It tastes just like the real thing.It supports healthy cholesterol levels,it's rich in Omega 3's,free of GMO's,hydrogenated oils and no artificial ingredients.It spreads really well,you can bake,cook,fry and saute with it.Seriously it's so good.

  David's Tea toasted Almond-I did discover this in the winter but, I had to put it in.As far as green tea goes it's the bomb!! I am TRYING to get rid of coffee and this has been a great substitute.

  Food Inc- I just watched it last week.It just made what I am trying more solid.Now it is American but,our Canadian meat is 95% factory farmed.Chemically what we are consuming is scary.Just putting it in here if you want to check it out for yourself.

   So these are a few of my favorite things I am really happy with right now.Hopefully you see them and want to try.Anyone out there doing something fun with kale? I am getting my book that I have been waiting for from the library today.The China Study it is highly recommended on alot of the sites.Former President Bill Clinton talks about the author when he was interviewed for his plant based diet.I am so excited.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What is my advegture?

  Well this January one resolution I had- to eat more veggies.I decided that would be healthier and smarter.For me this kinda thing always leads me to the library.So I took out some fabulous books.I wanted to research the best diet for your heart.As heart attacks run in my family, my Grandpa at 50 and my mom at 49.This is always a worry in my head and now it's time to do something.So vegetarian/vegan was what all the books told me.I did know this but,was never ready to give up meat and cheese.No way!But, a funny thing happened along with my research..I got educated.

   I just happened upon Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet.Which I read in one day.I found the information informative and very well researched.The thing is I knew the information before but,I never really thought about it.I think you can push anything aside if you don't really want to look at something.This book just clicked for me and sent me looking for more information.

   A plant based diet can do so much for us reverse heart disease(Dr Dean Ornish),gentle and continuing weight loss,helps people with diabetes lower their blood sugars,helps re balance hormones,helps with headaches and joint pain.I think it is a wise way to look at food. It makes you think about foods that will nourish your body

  So I have had no red meat and very limited dairy since January 12th.Then February 14th I've had no red meat,chicken,turkey,3 eggs and very limited dairy(no cheese,no milk and no ice cream).I have lost 7 pounds and 10 inches so far.I feel fantastic and have not missed a thing.

   What I plan on sharing in this blog is books I've read,shows I have watched,something new I've tried and information from blogs and other sites.I will have challenges my son and husband still want there meat and dairy.I hope to make some great veggie meals they will enjoy as well.Some information you may not be interested in but, something I feel compelled to share.This is my adventure and you may get nothing from it or maybe you want to participate in... Meatless Mondays perhaps?One step at a time.Be kind to yourself.